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_somethinpretty's Journal

1 July
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My name is Alex and I'm a Junior at Eastern. I kind of love it there. I play Alto Saxophone in the Marching Band, and French Horn in the Concert.

I suppose I'm just your normal kinda teenager...I go out places and talk on the phone and get on the computer. I'm known to go riding with Tara, Halie, and Kayla, throwing fig bars out of Halie's car window...so if you get hit with a fig, it's sent with love. :)

I'm a big Democrat and I love the Clintons and Barack Obama. I'm also a huge Louisville fan, along with Duke, Illinois, UCONN, and Villanova. I hate UK and West Virginia with every fiber of my college basketball-being.

I have a MySpace, I guess you can go check it out if you want to.
30 seconds to mars, adam brody, aeropostale, all my children, alto saxophone, anne brashares, ashlee simpson, barack obama, barbeque sauce, basketball, blueberry candy canes, brad gianiny, brian brohm, bubbles, cabot, california, chicken soup, clay aiken, clue, coheed and cambria, coke not pepsi, college basketball, computer, country, dashboard confessional, democratic party, desperate housewives, diet beverages, disney movies, donnie darko, dr. suess, duke, eisley, ellis myles, emo, emo kids, english, eric whitacre, extreme makeover: home edition, feeding frenzy, fireworks, francisco garcia, frogs, general hospital, grey's anatomy, history, hollister, indianapolis colts, internet, jack's mannequin, jimmy buffett, jj reddick, jogging, juan palacios, justin timberlake, kathy hopkins, kentucky, larry o'bannon, life, louise rennison, louisville, love, luke whitehead, lyrics, making mr arthur mad, march madness, marching band, margaritaville, ncaa, no doubt, one tree hill, otis george, paramore, peter gallagher, pixie sticks, playing with lighters, poetry, politics, queen, rachel bilson, radio, rascal flatts, reading, rollercoaster tycoon, rollercoaster tycoon 2, ryan cabrera, samuel hazo, sarah dessen, something pretty, spinning flags, starburst jelly beans, taking back sunday, taquan dean, the bachelorette, the beatles, the democratic party, the distillers, the game of life, the princess diaries, the sims, the south, the strokes, the used, the waterfront, titanic, u of l, uk losing, writing