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I'm pretty sure I'm done with this LJ.
I'm just going to write in my private one from now on, because at least Melvin actually cares enough to read it.
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SkittlesChik7896 (11:53:25 PM): ahhh!
xhairxspray (11:53:27 PM): ?
SkittlesChik7896 (11:53:31 PM): i just went to pee

Auto response from SkittlesChik7896 (11:53:32 PM): Sleeping... and thinking things over. Make it easier for me to know dammit. See everyone tomorrow.

SkittlesChik7896 (11:53:39 PM): and there were yellow chunky things in there...
SkittlesChik7896 (11:53:48 PM): and i realized it was the corn pops i flushed this morning
SkittlesChik7896 (11:53:53 PM): there were a few stragglers
xhairxspray (11:53:57 PM): ...
SkittlesChik7896 (11:53:59 PM): but i thought they came out of....
SkittlesChik7896 (11:53:59 PM): there
SkittlesChik7896 (11:54:01 PM): and i got scared
SkittlesChik7896 (11:54:03 PM): phew
SkittlesChik7896 (11:54:07 PM): had to tell you that
xhairxspray (11:54:08 PM): lmfao
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So Brad made a list of CDs he wants and I thought I could maaaybe do the same. :)

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I would really appreciate replies on this entry if any. 
Thanks. :)
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You know what makes me happy? 

Celebrities that actually care about something.
Like Brad Pitt who cares about the little kids in Africa.
And even stupid Angelina Jolie who also cares about the little kids in Africa.
And Leonardo DiCaprio, who is promoting the fight against global warming.
And Oprah, who cares about pretty much everything. 

That, my friends, makes me happy. Do you know what does not make me happy?

Celebrities that don't care about anything significant.
Like...Paris Hilton. What does she care about? Money and her hair color.
etc. etc.

What is wrong with the world today? Really now.
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          oh, say you'll miss me
one more time 
                                 [ a n d  i ' l l  b e  s t r o n g ]
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iMaGeTtOsWiMmA04 (4:48:27 PM): Awww :D
iMaGeTtOsWiMmA04 (4:48:38 PM): Well he's right
iMaGeTtOsWiMmA04 (4:48:43 PM): If I was a big lesbo
iMaGeTtOsWiMmA04 (4:48:44 PM): I'd hit you.
xhairxspray (4:48:47 PM): thanks katherine.
iMaGeTtOsWiMmA04 (4:49:02 PM): It's true!
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