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firelight never looked so bright

5/21/07 09:19 pm

I am so stoked the season is starting! I get to work everyday, teach hundreds of people how to surf, and get paid... woot!

The only downside: training new hires, teaching them the tricks of the trade.... and how to not piss off the boss. AKA Dragonlady.

Another year with Surf Academy... it begins.

5/17/07 06:38 pm

I kind of just want to disappear.

I've found I've made my life way too complicated.... it doesn't need to be this way.

I just want to get away and get back to basics. Easier said than done, but not impossible. I fully intend on disappearing this summer, dropping off the radar screen for a few weeks, if not the entire time between the end of the school year and fall semester. I just need to do that.

5/6/07 09:29 pm



4/23/07 08:53 pm


how was that declaration, public enough for ya?

4/1/07 08:46 pm - CABO SAN LUCAS... I leave tomorrow

So I'll be in mainland mexico for 5 days, then CABO!!!!!!!!

Cabo for spring break, WHAT were my parents thinking?

Anyways, after I get back from Mexico in ten days, I have 3 days, and then I leave for Hawaii for a week.

It's almost not fair... except its me going, so I'll let it slide.

3/8/07 02:39 pm - Of all the churning random hearts under the sun... why mine?

My life is probably pretty uninteresting, and so I have to wonder why I have this journal. It's not to brag about anything I'm doing, I don't find anything to be that exciting, and its not like I really put anything of meaning down on a public site. not really. Beside the handful of friends I have (many of whom probably don't read this anyway, considering I pretty much tell them everything in more detail...) I have to wonder about the other people that may be reading my journal that I don't know about. Do they read just in passing interest, or do they follow my entries as i write them. Lately, I don't have to worry about this, all my entries have been private, and before that I guess I just didn't really care. I should ahve, but i didn't think on it too much. I guess I just figured most people wouldn't be interested.

Imagine my surprise then, when I met a friend of an accquaintance at a mall, and she knew much more about me than my acquaintance, and we had never met before.

"Oh, I read your lj all the time. And your myspace. We have some mutual friends."

Mutual friends are all well and good, but wtf? Do you really have no social life and nothing to do and so you feel the need to read other people's journals religiously, whom you've never met before, and will probably never meet in real time? And furthermore, my entries are not outrageous, and do not include detailed acounts of my exploits and whatnot, but instead talk more about mundane bits and pieces of my life that I happen to be thinking about instead of paying attention in my computer class.

"So, how is it going with [the baller] and [the writer]?" Only, she knew their names.

I like to think i am quite good at not naming names when I write about people. But I also beleive that all the entries that I had written about them were private. Well, whatever the case, I'm going to double check now, and they certainly will be from here on out.

which leads me to wonder what else she might know? And, what else has she been watching; is, I wonder, my public myspace page a hazard? I have never thought so before, but I can't help but be concerned about the fact that someone could be reading and following my conversations with various friends and acquaintances on myspace.

In which case, my myspace is even worse than my lj, considering someone is following my life so closely. Finally, what kind of person follows the lives of people they don't know at all; who would go to a person's page and read the comments they have from a specific friend, in order to, what, gain more knowledge of the person? And when they felt they had come to know me enough, were they ever going to make their phantom-like presence known?

Now, I know she meant no ill will, and she isn't going to stalk me, and in fact, she seemed quite nice. But our friendship will never come to fruition, I don't think. It is just a little too weird for me.

Oh, and the baller and the writer are both quite fine, quite clueless, and still quite good looking. If the baller could get over bball and find other conversational material, I would be much obliged. And if the writer could take a little initiative in whatever he happens to think our relationship is, I would be quite happy. Perhaps, if she knows them, she could tell them, but I doubt it very much. She lives in North Hollywood.

3/2/07 11:12 pm

I am so fucking tired, gah.

I have like 50 plans in the air for this weekend and none are actually confirmed.

I wrote a 17 page essay for my AP english language class. Is that too long?

2/16/07 04:47 pm - holy fucking shit

I got accepted to Brown University's Spring Break Hawaii trip!!!! fuckin A, out of like hundreds of students, I'm one of 25!! yeeahhhhh!

I'm so excited. my month of April is so fucked tho:

April 2-12: Mexico
April 15-22 Hawaii

that leaves one week in school.... right before APs... I'm so fucked, but I;m so happy. yayy.

2/13/07 12:19 pm - danananananananana batmaannnnn!!!

did you know you can get medical marijuana for PMS according to california state law. For asthma too. Hahaha. retarded.

So, I am trying to learn how to say "hello" is as many languages as I can. So far I have 42.

Computer programming is excruciatingly dull.

12/14/06 02:02 pm - Alright guys

Well, I leave in about 9 hours, give or take a few minutes, so I want to take this time to say goodbye and happy holidays to everyone!!

emily dear, I'll miss you, and i'll bring something back for you for Christmas, and will you be around for New years? Because my grandma.....food. 'Nuf said.

Rachael: hope your birthday went swimmingly, and that you had an awesome end to the day. Have a good Holiday and new years celebration and all that!

everyone at LACES: go fuck yourselves..... Just Kidding!! ( :D But who do i sound like?) Have a good one! Don't let AP US get you down....

To everyone else, generally those from uni, I miss you all terribly, and where the fuck were you on the 8th at the play?? hmmmm?????? thats the only time I get to see you guys, gosh.

Alright loves, I hope your vacations are all as good or better than I am anticipating mine to be! Merry christmas, Happy Channukah, Happy Kwanza, Yuletide whatever, winter solstice, blah blah blah,..... And a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Hugs and pats (I'm stealing from Ian)
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