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♥ Your Hopeless Romantic, Now Helplessly Rheumatic! ♥

13 May
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HaHa, Jackie thanks for making this for me.

My Chemical Romance Is Love

Ohio Hawthorne Heights is for lovers!


a perfect circle, a static lullaby, across five aprils, adelphi, afi, alexisonfire, alice in chains, allister, amber pacific, anadivine, anti-flag, armor for sleep, as i lay dying, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bangerang, billy talent, bleach, bleed the dream, bleeding through, blindside, blood brothers, brand new, brandtson, breaking pangaea, bright eyes, catch 22, cherrybing, coheed and cambria, copeland, cursive, damone, dead poetic, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, emery, evergreen terrace, every time i die, fall out boy, finch, fish's eddy, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, frou frou, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, glasseater, glassjaw, goldfinger, halifax, hawthorne heights, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, ima robot, it dies today, jack off jill, jane's addiction, k's choice, lamb of god, led zeppelin, less than jake, louis xiv, lucky boy's confusion, mad caddies, mae, matchbook romance, maxeen, metric, mewithoutyou, mighty mighty bosstones, moneen, morrissey, motion city soundtrack, mxpx, my american heart, my bloody valentine, my chemical romance, nada surf, name taken, nirvana, nofx, nora, norma jean, operation ivy, piebald, pink floyd, planet smashers, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, project 86, radiohead, reel big fish, remembering never, rilo kiley, rise against, rites of spring, rx bandits, saosin, scarlet, senses fail, shai hulud, silverchair, silverstein, smashing pumpkins, socratic, streetlight manifesto, sublime, suicide machines, switch 86, taking back sunday, the aquabats, the beautiful mistake, the bled, the carnations, the distillers, the doors, the early november, the faint, the helio sequence, the hives, the pixies, the postal service, the shins, the sleeping, the smiths, the spill canvas, the starting line, the strokes, the unicorns, the used, the yeah yeah yeahs, this day and age, thrice, throwdown, thursday, tsunami bomb, type o negative, underoath, unearth, vendetta red, veruca salt, walls of jericho, weezer, wide of the mark