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For those that didn't know...

  • I have black hair now.
  • I'm going to Warped Tour. I WILL NOT miss The Bled or Saosin (it's not said at all like it's spelled. It's pronounced Say-Ocean. I watched an interview with a lead singer and was like "wha?") and I don't want to wade through a sea of the Hollister/Abercrombie crowd, but exceptions must be made.
  • Everybody should go see Evergreen Terrace with Silverstein August 15th
  • As strange as this sounds, when ordering a veggie burger from Burger King, they ask you "Do you want cheese or bacon on that?"...Ironic much?
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Somebody Read My Mind...

[x] Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
[x] Space Coast, Coast To Coast
[x] Are You Afraid of the Dark?
[x] Beetle Juice
[x] Salute Your Shorts
[x] Nightmare Before Christmas
[ ] A Different World
[x] All That
[x] Rocko's Modern Life
[x] Hey Arnold!
[x] Duck Tales
[x] Tiny Toons!
[x] The Offspring
[x] Tails Spin
[ ] Bonkers
[x] Eureka's Castle
[x] Clarissa Explains It All
[x] Home Improvement
[x] Pokemon Cards
[ ] Mystery Science Theater 3000
[x] AHH! Real Monsters
[x] Hocus Pocus
[x] Angry Beavers
[ ] Pete's Dragon
[x] Land Before Time
[x] Hungry Hungry Hippos
[x] Easy Bake Oven
[x] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
[x] Animorphs
[x] Wayne's World
[x] Gigapets
[x] Kablam
[x] Vanilla Ice
[x] Blue Clues
[x] Nick Magazine
[x] Super Nintendo
[x] Scooby Doo
[X] Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
[x] GI JOE (my cousin was obsessed)
[x] Neverending Story
[x] Ferngully
[x] The Lion King (I LOVED this movie. I named my dog Simba because of it)
[x] Mulan
[x] 101 Dalmatians
[x] Tarzan (The Disney Movie)
[x] Nintendo 64
[x] Care Bears
[x] Sega Saturn
[ ] Quack Attack! (Disney Show)
[x] My Little Pony
[x] Life Size Barbies
[ ] Secret of NIMH
[x] Lite Brite (always wanted one, never got one.)
[x] Real McCoy
[ ] Alice Deejay
[x] Backstreet Boys (yes, I was once a teeny-bopper)
[x] Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
[x] Beanie Babies
[ ] Dragon Heart
[x] Gummi Bears
[x] Don't Wake Daddy
[x] Jumangi
[x] Batman
[x] Rainbow Brite
[x] Candyland
[x] Sorry!
[x] Trouble
[x] Mousetrap
[x] Superman
[ ] The Justice League
[x] Transformers
[x] Dragon Ball Z
[x] Full House (Michelle was my role model)
[x] Saved By The Bell
[x] America's Most Wanted
[x] COPS!
[x] Dark Wing Duck
[x] Simpsons
[ ] Pretty Pretty Princess
[x] Cooties
[x] Polly Pocket
[x] Ribbon Dancers
[x] Bill Clinton
[x] Scrunchies
[X] Side Ponytails (these were for the older girls, I was too young)
[x] Jim Carrey (The Mask was sweet)
[x] Tamagotchi's (I had a black camo one)
[x] Gigapets
[x] Yahoo!
[ ] Choose Your Own Adventure
[x] Goosebumps (The books AND the TV series)
[x] Step By Step
[x] Korn
[x] TGIF on ABC (I miss it.)
[x] Tickle Me Elmo (I still have one somewhere)
[x] Boy Meets World
[ ] ICP
[x] Flipper
[x] Growing Pains (this was during my Titanic obsession, so I watched and bought ANYTHING with Leonardo DiCaprio in it.)
[ ] Family Ties
[x] Family Matters
[x] Titanic
[x] Mortal Kombat
[ ] Street Fighter
[x] Final Fantasy
[ ] Darkstalkers
[ ] Chrono Cross
[x] Playstation
[x] Sega Genisis
[x] Kenan and Kel
[x] Power Rangers (I WAS the Pink Ranger.)
[x] Hot Wheels
[x] Creepy Crawlers (my friends had both the boy version, which was Creepy Crawlers, and the girl version but I can't remember the name of it.)
[x] Wild and Crazy Kids
[ ] Playdough McDonald's Sets
[ ] Rainbow Fish
[x] Catdog
[x] Sci-Fi Channel
[x] Little Rascals
[x] Inspector Gadget (the dog was mad sweet)
[ ] Zorro
[x] Jurassic Park
[x] Allegra's Window
[ ] The House of Mouse! (Disney)
[ ] 3-2-1 Contact
[ ] Ramona Quimby
[ ] Nancy Drew novels
[x] One Saturday Morning on ABC
[x] Nick At Night ( I was young then so I'd always get mad when they took my cartoons away)
[x] Bananas In Pajamas
[ ] The Brave Little Toaster
[x] The Dancing Baby (That thing was EVERYWHERE.)
[x] Captain Planet
[x] The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
[x] Mr. Rogers
[ ] The Big Blue Couch
[x] America Online
[ ] Major Dad
[x] The Golden Girls
[x] 60 Minutes
[x] Roseanne
[x] America's Funniest Home Videos (When Bob Saget was host, that show owned.)
[x] Cheers
[x] Wings
[x] NFL Monday Night Football
[x] Seinfeld
[x] Frasier
[x] 20/20
[ ] Bay Watch
[x] Friends
[x] NYPD Blue
[x] The Nanny (The laugh drove me nuts.)
[x] The X-Files
[x] Windows 98'
[x] Rikki Lake
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Hello, Ladies And Gentlemen...

I'm back! I couldn't help it, it had to be done. My computer is virus-ridden, but that's OK (for the time being I'm doing everything I can to fix it until the guy calls back) and I do believe I'm going to My American Heart...hopefully. All I need is to find a ride one way. I'll be set.
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Taste Of Chaos Tour 2005

OK kids, here's where you come in. The most amazing tour is starting up near the end of February, and THEY AREN'T COMING HERE. The band list includes:

The Used
My Chemical Romance
Killswitch Engage
Senses Fail
A Static Lullaby
Opiate For The Masses
Bleed The Dream

Pretty amazing, Eh? Well, this is where I need you guys. I WANT to start a petition to get these bands to come here, and I can't do this alone. We need enough signatures to sell out a venue (to show that we REALLY mean business) and I'm starting tomorrow to get signatures. I would really like it if you guys could, too. Take it wherever you go, ask whoever you need to, it doesn't matter, we just need enough signatures to prove that we REALLY want this. PLEASE DO THIS! I'm BEGGING! I need all of the signature sheets around the middle/end of January so they can make the proper arrangements for the tour dates. PLEASE GUYS! I'll do all of the hard stuff (finding a venue owner, getting in touch with the band managers) all I need is some signatures (which I'm also doing, I'm going to take a sheet with me to shows, to school, ANYWHERE, just so I can get these names).

I KNOW you guys want these people here, but I CANNOT do this alone. PLEASE help!