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no, really?

wherein I pretend I have important things to say


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CAPSLOCK, 30 rock, anastasia, animation, arrested development, art, artemis fowl, avatar: the last airbender, axis powers hetalia, baccano!, better off ted, bff-ery, book-buying sprees, canadians/maple syrup otp, canon pairings, colored pencils, community, crushing on fictional characters, defensive pessimism, delayed facebook replies, designgasming, doctor who, doodling during econ lecture, dorky behavior, drawing, east of eden, emotions? what are emotions, ensemble!fic, exclamation mark abuse!!!1, fanart, glee, good omens, gorgeous period films, harry potter, headcanon, historical lulz, horcri, hot fuzz, iron man, it's alfred fuckyeah! jones, making fun of young!me, merlin (bbc), movie scores, orchestra, ouran highschool host club, p.g. wodehouse, painting, photography, pixar, prismacolor, procrastinating via list-making, pwnzage, reading, reviews, shiny technology, sketchdumps, sketching, soul eater, talking like a macro, tasteful fangirling, tea, the bbc, the bugle, the daily show, the great gatsby, the incredibles, the office, the office (us), unchecked bouts of spazzing, writing, you've just been tagged, , 中文, 日本語