Just when you think you're free...

bastards haul you back.

5 March
Character Profile 1

Name: Emmet Collins

Taken from: Original ideas from Steph, April and Me

Age: 35

Occupation: Politician

Physical description: 5ft9, dark brown hair starting to turn gray, pale blue eyes, goatee and facial scruff. Usually wears suits and ties, somewhat disordered looking of late. Thin and wiry, Emmet has a nervous air about him, very twitchy.

Skills/ abilities: More clever than intelligent, Emmet knows the ins and outs of the congress, especially what the other members of congress are up to. As a crooked politician trying to go straight, Emmet has many seedy underworld contacts and seemly knows what Moriarty’s assassination plans entail. Emmet is also a fast runner.

Personality: A weaker man who can be easily bossed around though Emmet is sneaky and while he’ll grovel to a more powerful man, Emmet’s looking out for his own plans and assets. Nervous and a worrier, he also doesn’t trust people so he’ll question what he’s told in detail. At heart, Emmet is someone who is trying to make amends in his life and he thinks helping the Secret Service will do that.

Flaws: He is a coward and hates fighting, Emmet will run from any physical confrontation so he is useless in a fight, which will no doubt piss off others as he deserts them. He is human so he can be killed easily and he’s weak-willed so he can be bullied too. Has a gambling problem and is in depth to Gossett.

Brief History: Emmet and his identical twin brother Eddie were born and raised in New York, growing up in the Bronx in a large Irish-American community. At young age it was apparent that Emmet was the weaker of the boys who and could be easily bossed around by his brother. This of course lead him into a the rough crowd that his brother ran with through Eddie was always sure to protect Emmet from the worst of his friends. While Eddie was the hell-raiser of the family, Emmet was the opposite, the good little altar boy who tried to make his parents proud, which is how he first got involved in politics.

Starting on the lowest rung of the ladder, Emmet got a job as an office clerk in the Mayor’s office in New York city and slowly weaseled his way into becoming one of the mayor’s personal assistants. That would’ve been enough for Emmet except that his brother Eddie, who was making a name for himself in the criminal underworld, quickly saw an advantage into having his brother in politics. What better way to get around the law then having your brother be one of those people who make the laws? Soon enough, Eddie was using any means possible from blackmail to contract hits in order to have his brother move further up in office while Emmet meekly went along for the ride.

It was then Emmet became tangled up with Charles Gossett and James Moriarty, when they wanted to use his brothers contacts to manipulate the stock market. Using Emmet’s own dirty dealings and nasty gambling habit against him, soon Emmet was under the thumb of Gossett and started helping both men with their plans to assassinate the president. Ashamed of his actions and afraid of what Eddie would do, Emmet concealed just how deep his was in with Gossett and Moriarty from his brother and was desperately trying to figure out a way to escape from their influence. This is when he turned to the Secret Service and began providing information to them about Gossett’s actions. Now acting as a spy, Emmet must obtain more details about the assassination plot for the Secret Service.

Character Profile 2

Name: Edward "Eddie" Collins

Taken from: Original ideas

Age: 35

Occupation: Mob hitman.

Physical description: 5ft9, dark brown hair starting to turn gray, pale blue eyes, goatee and facial scruff. He often dresses in suits like his brother but is neater than his brother and not as nervous. Eddie does tend to speak very fast which makes it difficult for others to understand him at times.

Skills/ abilities: Underworld contacts, Eddie is also a crack shot and very good with a knife which is his preferred weapon of choice. He has absolutely no problems with violence or death and seems to enjoy both which makes him very good at his job. Eddie is also intelligent and strong willed.

Personality: Eddie is the brains of his family and could’ve gone into politics like his brother except that Eddie had a taste for violence and was impatient to make something of himself. He is the dominate twin who bullied his brother into crooked politics though he does have a great love for his brother. He is loyal and believes in family first, thinks that he is actually protecting his brother and helping him. Unlike his brother, Eddie can seem very calm and cool in the face of danger. He can be very violent and behave strangely, talking cryptically which has some convinced he is a socipath. Eddie prefers to think of himself as ‘realistic’.

Flaws: He has a vicious temper and extreme violent tendencies where he flies into a berserker rage, where he becomes incredibly irrational and can only be stopped physically. Eddie is human and can be killed or hurt easily. Left handed, he cannot shoot worth shit with his right hand. Opposite of his brother, Eddie can’t back away from any fight. He doesn't know as much about Moriarty, Gossett or the assassination as his brother Emmet.

Brief History: The oldest of the Collins twins, Eddie is the clear dominant and trouble-marker. As a young boy, Eddie, his brother and his childhood friend Peter Sullivan spent their time being hooligans but these childhood activities only spawned off Eddie’s interest in committing more serious crimes while Peter and Emmet went their own ways into more conventional life paths. Not Eddie though. The boy had a taste for violence at a young age which lead to him becoming involved in the Irish gangs in New York. After being taken under the wing of Patrick Mulcahy, he started off as a petty criminal and hired goon but soon Eddie had a reputation as one of the best hitmen in town and was known for his ability for getting rid of bodies. He was the man you called when you didn’t want any trace of the victim left.

But Eddie wanted more for himself and for his family which is why he started getting his brother into crooked politics, believing that by having his brother influencing the law-markers in Washington, that he and his other mobsters would be on easy street. Especially in terms of boot-legging and extortion. Eddie has made his way up to becoming one of Mulcahy’s generals in the Irish mob and starting to make ties to the west coast with one Michael Owens who unbeknownst to him, is working with Moriarty.

Disclaimer: This is an RPG Journal and it is not based on anyone real.