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About Me

I'm a 35 year-old lady woman girl from Brisbane, Australia. I usually obsess over 1 fandom at a time, with spatterings of others throughout. Lately it's been Pride & Prejudice.

In February 2011 we bought a puppy - a Puggle named Ajax. He has a tag of his own and I like to post pictures. Puggles are rare in Australia, and even rarer in Brisbane. I think there's only 5 - 10 in the whole city. It's certainly been a fun experience training him and losing my favourite shoes to his sharp little teeth. One day I intend to breed him with a Maltese and create a new breed - a Muggle. No doubt someone will read this and claim the idea as their own, now that I've written it down. It is a whimsy, and one that will most likely not happen.

When I'm not reading books, I love reading fanfiction. One day I'll even get brave enough to post my own! But in the meantime I like to provide people with a place to post their fanfictions for some of our mutual favourite movies, tv shows or characters. Like Blood Ties, Labyrinth and Star Trek: Voyager's Tom Paris.

General content is not locked in this journal. The only friends-locked entries are usually ones where I am venting, whinging, or discussing a personal matter. Don't think you're missing out on anything too special if I haven't friended you back ;)


Domains (andromeda fansite) (harry potter; hosting) * (blood ties fanfiction archive) (screencaps; co-run with artphilia) (farscape screencaps) (battlestar galactica screencaps) (haldir fanlisting & fansite) * (personal site) (tom paris fanfiction archive)

* Many thanks to Aestas Fansites for the latest layouts on these websites. I haven't had time recently to make any new layouts, and these are just gorgeous.

Fanfiction Archives

TomParisDorm (Star Trek: Voyager - Tom Paris)
Twice Bitten (Blood Ties)
Underground (Labyrinth)



This fantastic layout comes from apologize/beatcrusher.
Previously I've used layouts from mentahelada, minty_peach, cartonage, thefulcrum, visualwit & causefire.

Mood Theme

The Unconquerable Man moodtheme was made especially for me by the lovely fai_dust as a Christmas present! Thank you, sweetheart!

Screencaps & Images

[ | Crystal Fires | In-A-Dream | Leave Me The White | Long Ago Captures | Swanees Place ]

Andromeda [ ]
Avatar: The Last Airbender [ | ]
Babylon 5 [ & ]
Battlestar Galactica [ ]
Dollhouse [ Swanees Place ]
Farscape [ (gone) | ]
Lexx [ The Pic Bug ]
Life on Mars [ darciana ( ]
Star Trek [ | ]


hybrid genesis

veerle's blog (& the web designer wall)

Interesting Reads

Socio-Political Themes in the Smurfs (essay)
Steve, Don't Eat It! (gross)
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