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Screencaps: Roar (entire series)


Galleries & ZIPs
Entire Series ~ 13 Episodes

Roar 01 - Pilot
Gallery (459 Images, 640 x 480)
Conor and Claire, two star-crossed lovers from warring families, are separated when the young man's kingdom is mysteriously annihilated in a fire on the eve of his brother's wedding. In the aftermath, Conor joins forces with a band of former slaves in order to stand and fight for what he believes is right and just.

Roar 02 - Projector
Gallery (498 Images, 640 x 480)
Conor faces Vorgeen, a rival chieftain, when the two are both after the same powder that has magical properties.

Roar 03 - The Chosen
Gallery (601 Images, 640 x 480)
Conor and crew witness the choosing of the new Druid King, a six year old boy named Glas, and must help the boy assume his throne.

Roar 04 - Banshee
Gallery (468 Images, 640 x 480)
Conor, in the middle of convincing a tribe to join his own, encounters a mysterious woman who many suspect is a Banshee, the legendary herald of death. Problems arise when the woman foretells the death of a child in the tribe, causing chaos.

Roar 05 - Doyle's Solution
Gallery (691 Images, 640 x 480)
Conor and Fergus encounter a man named Doyle, who has garnered a following among the young and homeless, and Fergus is shocked to discover his abandoned daughter, Molly, is one of Doyle's loyal followers. While Conor fights for his land and to free the children from Doyle's grasp, Fergus tries to reclaim his lost daughter.

Roar 06 - Red Boot
Gallery (743 Images, 640 x 480)
Caitlin comes into the possession of a stolen Roman scroll showing the way to the Rock Tower, and her and Conor must fight to keep it out of the hands of Red Boot.

Roar 07 - The Spear of Destiny
Gallery (482 Images, 640 x 480)
Conor finds the spear of tormented Longinus, who used it to kill Christ and the spear has a powerful affect on Conor: one that could be dangerous to all.

Roar 08 - The Eternal
Gallery (553 Images, 640 x 480)
When Longinus goes mad, Conor is forced into a symbolic marriage, with Fergus' daughter Molly, in order to stop Longinus from destroying the world.

Roar 09 - Tash
Gallery (474 Images, 640 x 480)
Catlin is possessed by the spirit of her dead sister, Amalia.

Roar 10 - Traps
Gallery (453 Images, 640 x 480)
In search of their missing friends, Conor, Fergus and Catlin journey to an island and are forced to participate in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Roar 11 - Daybreak
Gallery (374 Images, 640 x 480)
When Conor recovers the remains of his family, he makes plans to bury them at his father's village, but thanks to Longinus's interference, he's not welcomed with open arms.

Roar 12 - The Cage
Gallery (536 Images, 640 x 480)
Conor, Catlin, Fergus & Molly travel to Molly's village to welcome their help in the Confederation.

Roar 13 - Sweet Brigit
Gallery (585 Images, 640 x 480)
In the midst of fractious inter-tribal sparring at Queen Diana's castle, a rival warlord makes one demand before declaring war on everyone else: he wants Conor's latest rescue, a beautiful and mute maiden, to replace his murdered wife.

Credit: [ either or _snitchbitch ]
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