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El. Smidgen. Noseless. Craterface. Minny.

Eloise, please.

Eloise Midgen
29 August
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Eloise Midgen

House: Hufflepuff
Year: 7th

D.O.B: August 29th, 1980 (17)

Appearance: A mousy looking young woman with dark brown hair to her shoulders and hazel eyes. She's a little over 5 feet tall and is a pretty small girl in general. Usually mistaken for younger than she is. Also breaks out in horrible acne attacks from time to time.

Personality: Well, you could say she's independent, despite her diminutive stature, or maybe because of it. Not completely independent, but usually willing to try new things or solutions on her own before relying on others. Hence the nose-off-her-face incedent in first year. No, she's never forgotten about that, and her nose hasn't either. It falls sometimes during the night and she's got to look for it. But at least her acne has cleared up. Mostly.

Eloise loves music, though she can't play or sing a tune, she can usually be found with her head to the wireless lost in the music, or humming a tune. She's too shy to try singing though, and absolutely hates being in the spotlight. Her introvertness becomes worse during her acne attacks, or fear that stress could cause an acne attack.

Despite all this she's fairly friendly, polite to elders and not somebody who gets kicks out of bugging others, and she though she understands the mindset of those who do, she doesn't relate.

She's average in most of her classes, but is doing well in Herbology and Charms. She has trouble with Snape Potions, Transfiguration and Runes, though she'd do better if she actually asked for help.

History: Eloise is the only daughter of halfblood witch Perrine Midgen and Francis Midgen, though her parents are separated and she lives soley with her mother. The separation happened not long after she was born, and though she had no control of the circumstances, Eloise always wondered if she was the cause of it. Regardless she grew up in a pretty stable household, and her extended family is rather large and treats her kindly.

A very quiet child, she was adamant on solving or at least trying to solve most problems or puzzles on her own, and she hardly ever cried during the bumps and bruises that come with childhood. This isn't to say that Eloise was very successful in her trials, but she was too proud to ask for help. Or perhaps she had a bit of a complex.

She fully expected to be Sorted into Ravenclaw when she got her letter, but she's long since gotten over the disappointment of being put into Hufflepuff. She still didn't know what the Hat was thinking though, but she supposed she did work hard.

Elosie's final marks for 6th Year

Defense Against the Dark Arts - A
Potions - E
Transfiguration - A
History of Magic - A
Charms - E
Astronomy - A
Herbology - E
Ancient Runes - A (barely)
Care of Magical Creatures - A
Muggle Studies - A

Legal Junk: Eloise Midgen is intellectual property of JK Rowling. PB: Jordana Brewster.