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I finally did it!

I've finally done it. I've gone Friends Only. Something I've been meaning to do for a long long time and with each passing year it really became more vital that I did. Anyone who wants to friend me, leave a comment here. Please, say where you know me from as I often don't know or remember journal names. My short term memory sucks!

Thanks all!


I've just noticed that there are a couple of people who have friended me without posting here or saying anything to me. This is a reminder that you have to let me know you've friended me or it's unlikely that I'll friend you back.

Also, if you're friending me just to read my fic, I'm sorry, but I don't post it here, it's all in communities. If you've read my stuff and want to know more about me, sure thing, I'll friend back no problem, but again you need to comment here or PM me, and please, tell me where you know me from.

Prince Regent OMFG!

1 Week to Wilson!

It's Monday! You all know what that means! HOUSE MOTHERFUCKERS! And some other pretty cool shows too. :D

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Well, I guess that's it for now. I keep thinking I should make a real life update, but then I get caught up in the wonderful world of television. Ah well, maybe tomorrow! :D
Glee Sue Will rivalry

Glee! Lie to Me and Heroes

So I was out last night at the STP concert, so I just got to watch last night's Glee. Also a smattering (or possibly more) on Lie to Me and Heroes.

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Well, that's it for now. Coming soon (possibly, sometimes I want to do something and just never get around to it)! A full rundown of the awesomeness that was the Stone Temple Pilots concert! I even took photos! Though they're not very good as my camera's kinda shit. Couldn't zoom in nearly as well as I wanted too. Oh well, at least you can see Rob DeLeo's shoes! lol!
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It's 4am and I'm finally getting to watch tonight's episode of House! Man, I hate it when I have to work on Monday nights, but I'm SO HAPPY I have DVR! *hugs it and loves it and will never let it go*

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Well, that's it for me tonight/this morning. Man, is it 5:30 already? I guess this is what happens when you don't get home from work until 4am!
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Epic comments of Epic.

Here we go! I'm watching epic amounts of t.v. I'm behind on tonight, and I actually have some thoughts on the shows I'm watching. Also a few on shows I actually watched during the week so I figured I'd put them all together. Here's to epic t.v. fail!

Cut for spoilers and length.

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Okay, I'm totally running out of steam and I'm still missing shows. Maybe, if I'm not too tired tomorrow, I might subject you to my thoughts on Fringe and Flash Forward and maybe even a little Canada's Worst Driver, but then maybe not. No one would ever come visit me if I do! lol!
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So, as some of you might have guessed, I've delved into the wonderful House MD fandom. I'm really quite enjoying it, but I had this absolutely horrific thought last night. I suddenly have this intense fear that Huddy is going to be the GSR of House. GSR I can handle only because neither Sara nor Grissom was ever my favourite character, and that now they never show them together. I'm actually enjoying Sara being on the show, even if only temporary. God help me if they're ever both back on the show though. Needless to say, Huddy (for me, being a <strike>Hilson </strike> shipper... god that sounds corny. I feel like I'm suddenly a Snickers fan, *pukes a little in my mouth* Scratch that and make it H/W. Much easier to say...) Where was I? Oh yeah, Huddy is even harder to swallow since House would be apart of my main ship.

Let's just say I have a new found respect for any GSR hater that stayed with the show. 'nuff said.

Speaking of CSI. I'm still on the main community here, though I haven't really had anything to post on it or comment on for a few years now. So they have this ad up for asking the writer's a question. It's some sort of contest. Is it wrong that my very first thought was, "I'm going to ask them WTF is wrong with them! What the HELL were they thinking!"

Somehow, I don't think my question would be answer...

Well, I'm off to suffer the CSI trilogy. May or may not have comments afterwards. I guess we'll see. :D