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In this world of calamity, dirty looks, and grudges, and jealousy

I got to keep on walking, on the road to zion...

16 August
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chiney bumps

the name is Shana, don't refer to me as anything else. Jamaican born , living in Ontario, Canada. 18 years old. 08/16/90, which means I'm an August baby. University Student, majoring in Commmunications and Political Science. got too much respect for myself to allow anyone to take advantage of me, so don't try it. sexual. scratch that..very sexual. class of 08'. i know my past, and i know the road that i would like to follow to get to the future, and i trust in the lord to lead me along that path. respects anyone who has the strength to just do them, regardless of outside forces. reading, web & graphic design, music, the opposite sex, fashion = <3. reggae/culture & dancehall music get nuff respect. money makes the world go round'..u cant deny it..and i love it. i'm loud when you know me. has the potential to get rude, but it's probably because i don't like you. computer addict. laughing is the way to my heart. can be moody, so don't test my emotions. i <3 dreads. a common mixture of weird and different, and very proud of it! will fight till complete bloodshed for the ones i love. loyal to those who are loyal to me, it's in the blood. excessive picture taker , what can i say i love my reflection <3. professional photography = <3. i like my alone time. intelligent to the maximum degree, and i take pride in being a well educated young lady. down to earth and chill. Leo. mature,i don't like childish foolishness and naive ways of thinking. i love my thick shape. Every girl wants a man that she can go to in her sweats,hair a mess, make-up running down her face, eyes red from crying and the first thing he says to her is "Baby you're beautiful" and he means it. <<<< we can all dream right? . all in all, im a pretty laid-back, open, and down to earth person who is always willing to get to know new people so feel free to add me.