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wouldn't it be a lovely headline? [entries|friends|calendar]

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(see the luck i've had)

[14 Jul 2005|02:28am]







add it!  hopefully it will work! hopefully this will work!

(see the luck i've had)

art show please come!! [22 May 2005|10:03am]
today mandy and i have our art show! i'm very excited!!


Bamboo Blue
1-4 pm

It's going to be really exciting, everybody come!!

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AP EXTRAVAGANZA [11 May 2005|04:46pm]
come to union street gallery
1655 union avenue
chicago heights

it is awesome. free art, music and food.

today- 6:30-9:00

(see the luck i've had)

[05 Jan 2005|02:40pm]
i'm in art history. actually the photo room. the ap returning scholars just finished talking and i have absolutely nothing to do. i hate school.

ooh! ely just gave me some awesome photos from children's play.

had some remnants of bad mood from last night this morning but my art girls made it better. as usual. i like my art now. i think something sort of clicked. which is a huge relief.

i'm using now to look at my application status to all of the schools i applied to. it's kind of cool. i'm going to one of them. so soon.

i love the macalester symbol thing. it's this cute little crest with like, plaid inside.

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PLEASE! [02 Nov 2004|05:04pm]

(6 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

hey around here kids! [05 Oct 2004|06:48pm]

i made a kick ass cd, just now!!

so listen!!!


and call!!
i'll love you even more than i do already.

(2 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

hahahahaha. [05 Oct 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

attractive, no?

(2 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

old enough to know better [19 Sep 2004|05:50pm]
[ mood | i love mike. ]

i've had my contacts in for like, 48 hours. oh well, i guess. crazy. oh man,i think one just fell out? damn.
hahaha, no, didn't fall out. just stuck up under my eyelid. mmmm.
silly weekend. the play? not over yet. ugh. three more? yeah, right. riiiiiight. andrew called j ro this morning. holy cow. awesome. oh children's play kids! we have fun...lots. i cried so much yesterday. my last children's play! and i know, i was just like, "ugh, it's not over yet, " but still...

mike busted his face open in polo!! some jerk hit him under the eye. i hope my poor boy doesn't need stitches!! sigh, what a man. soooo studly. can't wait to see him.
WHICH IS IN TWO WEEKENDS!!!! score, baby.
act this weekend. on that note, my mom is a psycho.

art art art. i want to take a shower. i have to talk about (get yelled at about) college stuff tonight. oh well.

(3 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

[13 Sep 2004|10:59pm]
[ mood | weird ]

what a weird day! morning, meh. afternoon, good. after school, fun. now, i don't know. i can't believe he play is so soon. wednesday? whatttttt?!?!!?!!??! ok. woo.

on the bright side? the cast of will and grace on jay leno.

the downside of that? it's 11.

the upside of that? i can go to bed soon.

the downside of that? not much time to do art. but i need to sleeeeep.

i'm excited though!! very excited.
and sad. you know. last childrens play. i'm going to be sad on saturday. the damn circle. and i'm the senior? yeah right. god damn.

i miss mike still, obviously. i feel bad, i was bad at talking tonight, on the phone. oh well. tired shmired.

carrie left me a message tonight!!!

i made a good mix cd for my car. i love it i love it i love it.

weird weird weird.

stop being in such a weird mood!!

(3 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

[12 Sep 2004|08:25pm]
i miss mike so much.
it's the worst.

(6 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

go or go ahead [25 Aug 2004|10:33pm]
[ mood | awesome ]

sooo tomorrow is our ten month anniversary. which is pretty awesome if you ask me. mike makes me happier than anyone, ever. i am so lucky. we just talked on the phone, and it was the best. i love that boy. smile.

what else. school, not so bad. homework, not so bad. two more days until the weekend, pretty good.
no rehearsal tomorrow, that's neat. tonight we did...oh wait, that's right. nothing. but it's cool, we got out early and i finished my homework early. so now i am going to straighten up my room and sleep!! and maybe i wont be tired as shit tomorrow. and maybe i'll get an early start and get coffee or something! the possibilities are endless. that's a lot of i's.

ahhhh mike! so happy. it's crazy.
hmm...it rained today.
concentration is fun.
econ book+math book = heavy.

contacts are nice. i can see.
i feel like a miracle.

ok, guys. two more days. then have a good weekend.

(5 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

so,yeah...school. [23 Aug 2004|07:50pm]
[ mood | good...but kind of shakey? ]

school was not nearly as bad as i thought it would be.
concentration--should be fun, although i am not technically in it yet. pssh.
english--should be very fun. holler kendall!
french--french. enough said.
studyhall/t.a.-- study hall with chrissy!! kick ass dude. we passed a note. then i will eventually go to art history to t.a. which should be awesome as well...win win, baby.
art--so many kids!! wtf?! lots of work, but petecki seems determined to get us good portfolio scores, so, yeah.
math--is going to be easy peasy, i hope. seems that way so far. i know that unit circle like the back of my hand.
econ--i am actually sort of excited for this class. mcalister is, as i've heard, amazing. i wasn't bored at all, the whole time.

i've got good people in all of my classes, so, yeah.

i guess i'm a fairly happy camper about school...as long as i have to do it.
i wonder if chris will call me anytime soon...i cannot stay out late, it's a school night!!!!

allright...i miss mike. a lot. but school helped.


(see the luck i've had)

i am feeling the best i've felt in about...48 hours. [22 Aug 2004|01:44am]
[ mood | curiously great. ]

so i talked to carrie online tonight, and i talked to mike online and over texts. i feel so good. carrie i just missed. and mike i missed too...

it's the weirdest feeling in the world, isn't it? it's heartbreaking if you let it be, i'd assume. but mike and i? we're pumped...!!!!
really, i am. that boy is going to get so many packages...he doesn't even know. he's already made friends, oh mikey i love you. i feel so good.

paper is almost done.

nothing but the dead are dying back in my little town.

school is soon. it's ok. nothing better to do, baby.

(see the luck i've had)

... [20 Aug 2004|11:42pm]
[ mood | missing. ]


(2 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

i'm in the oddest mood. [15 Aug 2004|02:22am]
[ mood | very odd. not bad at all, good ]

blah blah blah, ten people.

1. it's you. mike and i were talking about you earlier tonight, about how you totally helped us like eachother. you did, totally. you are such a special girl, and i miss you. you don't know how happy i am for you. i feel like you're in your own class of friend with me, like you're such a different type of friend than anyone else,but definitely in a good way. i can always count on you to tell the truth, make fun of people i don't like, and just be there. thanks.

2. you did this friends list things months ago. i remember i read it and wondered if i was the person who's post annoyed you. you seem smart and cool, and therefore should marry my brother.

3. you rock my socks. you are one of the most optimistic people i've ever met, and maybe one of the first who hasn't come off as fake. you're one of the only people i know who is tanner than i am, and you have a way with people. i'm so glad you're happy.

4. you don't do livejournal anymore, but since i basically made your livejournal for you i still feel like i can post about you. i am the luckiest person on earth. you are the embodiment of everything good and true in the world. you have made me into the happiest person i can ever imagine being, and i get happier every day. i love you, and you're always on my mind. also, i am wearing your pants right now. i'm planning on sleeping in them.

5. man, i love you. you always put me in a good mood. you are such a genuine person, and your opinions are so honest. you're never fake, you never try to impress anyone. you're yourself, and yourself is amazing. you're hilarious and smart and i am so glad that you have two years of highschool left so i can hang out with you all the time. i also hope your arm is better.

6. you make me happy whenever i talk to you, which unfortunately isn't often. you're so freaking cute, and you honestly don't know it. you dress so well. i'm going to miss you this year. but you know what? i feel like we'll hang out more now that we aren't at the same school than when we were. and i can't wait. you're easy to talk to and honest. and you don't put up with anyone's 'tude.

8. I guess you might be kind of a random add on, but i like you. When we first met eachother, i wasn't sure if you hated me (or my boyfriend for that matter). now i know better (i hope). you are smart and hilarious, and i wish we had been good friends.

9. i really feel like typing your names, but that's against the "rules." this is a two person one. combined. you two are awesome. really. children's play was so fun with you guys. i also wish that i had gotten to know the both of you better. whenever i see you, it's exciting.

10. this one is combined as well, sort of. i'm not sure how often either of you do livejournal, but whatever. first, you are so silly and fun. i'm glad you aren't a senior. oh, just thought of it, i got a picture back from gi of yout two and i should give it to you. ok, back to it. yeah, you are a really great person. you're so adorably yourself. and you (the other person) are so yourself as well. that's what i like about people i guess. i am so happy for you. really. i'm really glad that we got to know eachother last spring, it was exciting. you've got an awesome future, i'm sure.

ok. i'm done.

tonight was great.

i'm done, i guess.

i can't even think about it, or

or i, well, cry.

but maybe it won't be so bad. we're lucky.

(2 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

[10 Aug 2004|11:49pm]
i want this next week to last forever.

mike got his wisdom teeth out today! ) : my poor baby. i got him a frostee and kill bill. we had fun. he is so perky! gosh. i love him so much.

today and yesterday carrie and i had a lot of fun. we shopped. a lot. we might be the same person, just to warn you. we got hot clothes. and hot presents for mike. but really, carrie and i did the talking in unison thing quite a bit over the last few days, and it wasnt on purpose. wheeeee.

!!!! stephanie!!!!! you're online!!!!!

okay. goodnight

(see the luck i've had)

i saw the sign. [05 Aug 2004|04:45pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

when i was little, the girl down the street said that it was "i saw the sun."


soososososo, yeah it was very cold out today. i wore a sweatshirt. we were going to close at 2, but then people came in to swim. !!!!. i know. doesn't make sense, but whatever. they were cold.

so now, i'm at home.

i got another rose, another note.

so far, the whole message goes like this:

"dear carrie this is mike i just wanted to tell you that" all in crazy handwriting and stuff. it's exciting. sigh sigh sigh.

carrie should be here any minute. i'm tired. i had a weird dream where i like blacked out last night. it was very strange.

i'm thirsty.

(see the luck i've had)

[05 Aug 2004|01:42am]
tonight i went and 'chilled' at frankie/bari's. it was very fun! oh, by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERICA! today i had to clean a lot. a lot a lot a lot. oh well! carrie is coming home tomorrow! today was hump day...the end of the week is coming faster!! mike is coming home on saturday!




work got rained out today. tomorrow it's supposed to be cold, i'm not looking forward to it. ): i mean, if the pool closes, i'd be happy. but if it stays open, i'll just be freaking freeeeeeeeezing.

have fun in california, emily! ooH! i think amy might be back tomorrow! fun stuff.

blah blah blah, goodnight.!
i might do a survery though. we;ll see,l 'm really damn tired.

(10 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

and i'll say it again, life is good. [03 Aug 2004|01:32am]
[ mood | amazing. ]

today was wacky cool. i woke up at stephanie's at ten, then drove home with meggie. really fun weird graduation party last night, not what i was expecting. then at home i called emy, and we went to the beach!!! it was so fun, whee! sun sand gelato and tans. very nice. also running like three blocks only to miss our train was fun, hehe. thennnn at home, i did nothing! i went to borders and got the new gossip girl book. i'm a very big dork, but it's my guilty pleasure. i just finished it, and of course, i'm dying for the next one. pfft. after borders, i took a shower and waited for seriously two hours for my mom and dad and chris to get home. then we went to tin fish for dinner, where they gave me Way too much food. and chris and i just watched starksy and hutch. i really love ben stiller and owen wilson. sigh.

mike is still on his canoe trip, but i got another rose and another note today. that makes three. sigh! how i love him! he's so perfect, down the the details. like this, who would've thought to have someone drop off a rose for everyday that he was gone? i cannot wait until he comes home. C A N ' T W A I T . he's still making my days, even when he's hundreds of miles away.

so, all in all: great day, fabulous summer. i wish it would never end. i feel like most of my weekends this year will either be speech tournaments or going to visit all of my stinky friends at college. meh, sounds good to me!

(2 good times for a change... | see the luck i've had)

. . . [24 Jul 2004|06:07pm]
[ mood | you're the best, i love you. ]

i believe in love.

i wonder what i'll end up doing tonight. meh, i feel like eating dinner. what else is new, though.
it was so cold today. what's happening with the weather?

keep on rockin'. in the free world.

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