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Feeling off....

I feel weird.

I've got this heavy feeling in my stomache, and my legs are shaking whenever I stand or walk. My arms feel like Jello even typing this, and my typing can speak for it's self already. My chest...it goes funny too. I wasn't like this before this afternoon. It feels so weird and alien to me...it feels akward to even try and explain it. I'm not sure what to think. Maybe its from Tatta Hitotsu no Koi . The theme and just whats going on it has made me think so much about everything. Quite frankly, its scary. I don't want to think what I'm thinking and I can't help it. It makes me sad and emotional, two things I don't need. I don't like feeling this way, I want it to go away.

Isn't that a nice way to start off a journal entry. Typical me. God, I'm even crying, how pathetic is that now? I've never cried writing something before. How pathetic. Really. I need to grow up...or just stop being so freakin' emo and talk to someone.

But enough about the rants though. Happier note, I'm going to either go travel across Canada or America, and find Akanishi-san, meet him, hug him and then talk to him. Or I'll follow him to Japan. Either way works for me. I had the strangest dream about Kat-Tun too...I wish it could happen, but it won't I know. I will faithly await the day they become a group again, and continue to dazzle me with their songs and voices.

Which brings me to my next thing, my New Years Resolutions!

=I'm going to save up enough money to buy a Photoshop program, so I don't have to bug everyone for icons and layouts when I desire them. I want to learn to make my own and get as good as everyone else has. ((Lame I know, but I keep seeing everyone else doing it and I wanna learn too!!))

= I'm going to make a bigger effort on studying Japanese this year. That way when I'm watching a show, I'll understand most of it, or more of it than I already do! ((See Akanishi-san! I could teach you English, and you could teach me Japanese!))

= Make a better effort on my homework. I want to get good grades and I want to be at the top of the class. If I can't be an athlete, then I want to be atleast book smart. Is that wrong?

= Watch what I eat a bit more. I'm a little piggy when it comes to eatting, so I want to watch what I eat more often. Maybe then I can get rid of the pudge in my stomache. I hate wearing some of my outfits because of it, and if I can shrink it....XD

= Make some new on-line friends. Don't get me wrong, I love the people who still talk to me today (Sejee, Kags...and Toni, when I catch her on MSN), but its nice to come home and when real life's being a bag and tell someone about it, because I can't always tell my other friends.

= Be a bit more active. Maybe start walking the dog a bit more or do some jogging. Not too concerned about this one though...

= Find and do an exchange program. I want to see the world, I need to travel, not just through North America either. Russia, Japan, China, India, France, London...the list goes on. I don't want to be couped up for the rest of my life. I have wings some where, I just need to spread them and gain something from it. I can't do that here, that much I know. Canada is a wonderful place, don't get me wrong. I just need something different, thats all....

I'm sorry for such an annoying post, but I think I starting to really get lonely-

Scratch that, Kags lives and is now talking to me. I may be okay for the time being! Ja ne!
Just posting some random spam I found amusing.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, _sliver_knight_ sent to me...
Twelve gravitation_bls drumming
Eleven _kristaaas piping
Ten exzentrikers a-leaping
Nine sparkles3288s dancing
Eight icons a-bowling
Seven camus a-skating
Six graphics a-reading
Five aiaco-o-o-os
Four movies
Three friends
Two greek gods
...and a shun in a final fantasy.
Get your own Twelve Days:

(I don't think the world could handle one Aiacos, let alone 5 XD)

In 2007, _sliver_knight_ resolves to...
Find a new volleyball.
Spend less time on charmed.
Go to the camus every month.
Volunteer to spend time with icons.
Go skating three times a week.
Learn to play the basketball.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Oh, and I'm obsessed with KAT-TUN now. Akanishi-sama has not only an amazing voice, but is cute too! All hail KAT-TUN, Takki, and Tsubasa! <3


NO, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my Saint Seiya DVD's yesterday and finished watching them today. I HATED THE Ending! Every last one of them DIED!!!! I mean how depressing is that?! Don't get me wrong, it was wonderfully drawn, the animation wonderful, and the characters at their best, but the ending really sucked! It didn't help out muc with anything and EVEYONE died! *crys a ocean* I even went out and bought a charm braclet in which I shall load with the zodiac signs. *crys* (I was seriously crying during the whole thing, both happy and sad)

Oh and I got a new haircut! Even though it really hurt because I have a sunburn on my face and scalp. Its short and thin and it feels nice! I like it. ^__^

But I have nothing else to report. Oh except these 2 questions:

What in Hades is a Brush and can you use in in Jasc?

Where can I get a downloadable version of PS?


Good news! I just got over the flu bug! *hears cheering* Yay! But now I have a cold! XP I just can't win anymore.

My grandpa left Wed. which was sad. And he left his cold with us! How nice is that?

And I bought 5-7 for Fruits Basket! Oh I love this series! ^^

Other than that...nothing wild and crazy here. Now i have a headache....can't stay on for too much longer...until next time...

Japan Day!

Our school had Japan day today! It was really fun. We got to skip pretty much the whole day! (Yes!) We got to listen to presentations and I was in a tea Ceremony! The candy they gave us was great! Yum. One girl was a moody because she didn't get to be in it. Grow up. <.< So needless to say had a fun day! And I'm now ending it reading a Rei/Kai fanfic! Woot for Beyblade! XD

We had a game yesterday. We lost by 1, I repeat 1 point! Grr...I fouled someone though! (Go Sliver Knight!) Then she fouled me. I couldn't feel my legs when I took the shot though. >< I hate foul shots. And the meany of a point guard wasn't there! Yes! Tanis passed to me a bit though. But I had to play with cramps in the stomache. Yuck XP

And now we get to play in the senior tourment. One of the other teams dropped out. I really don't want to play this weekend. I want to stay home read and watch TV! Oh well...might get a medal outta it. XD

^ Read that story! Its freakin' awesome! (it is Yaoi so bewarned)

I'm coming my prince! *rides off to save princes*
Cheese is good. Very good. (That was random) Man nothing is happening lately. It's so boring in a small town. I've been eating lots of cheese for the past 24 hours. yay.

I saw the 3rd Inu movie though. That's the best movie out of the ones I've seen. Sesshy is so cool! <33

I get to work on my bridge now. If I finish it this week, then I'll only have to do reports! Yes, I will get this done! lol

Well, nothing new and wild here. Later days!

Sick x_x

Gwah, this knight is in no mood to save any princes today. She is sick with something. XP So not much of an update. Had to go home at lunch. Now I'm behind in woods class. Joy. And Science, and math. But the joys of homework. And I had to miss Basketball practice. Sorry that I'm complaining, but I love doing that when I'm sick. TT-TT Game plan: Have a bath, take some Nyquil, curl up in my bed and not wake up till 10:00. Then I'll go to school. XD

Sorry princes. Please leave a message and I will get back to you soon as I'm better!


I don't know what's up with my mom and grandpa, but they've been into town pretty much every day this week...maybe buying presents for me! (I wish)

I had a sleepover with Lacey last night. That was fun! This morning we watched Fruits Basket and she likes it! *jumps up and down* But we fought with my bro about playing Game Cube this morning. He woke us up at 8:30! I wanted to sleep in because I didn't get to sleep until 1:30 AM. Gr....Mom made it up to us by making French Toast. Yum!

After that went in our new hottub and watch out hair turn to ice. It was awsome. I should keep it like that...

And then we played SIMS for the rest of the day! I want the 2nd one bad...*crosses Fingers*

Well, that was a interesting day...Can't wait for X-mas! Only 2 days! (Not counting today)


I'm not feeling to well. >< Stupid colds...Can't breathe *gasp* lol

Not much to update right now. Mom went shopping with grandpa. For grocceries, but it shouldn't take them 3 hours! I think they went gift shopping for me! lol And I'm RPing with Kiri again.

Question for you people:

Nyquick Shooters or Bucklies?

Dec. 18th, 2004

Yes, X-mas break at last! Yippy! No school, no Forrest, no Daniel! wOOt!

My grandpa came out today! He was suppose to come yesterday but the step-monster's appointment held him back. I say she should've gotton a cab X_X

Today was uh fun. (If you'd like to call it that) We were going to watch Shrek 2 in our gym, but technical diffculties kept that from happening. So we watched it in our class rooms. Not as fun as the gym, but not as loud either. (I don't really like people yapping during a movie -_-**) I got presents from my friends! Christi gave me 3 braclets a candle, hair clips and lip gloss. I think she went over board this year. But: "It's because you've always gotton me stuff so think of it as pay back" man Christi, you went over board and that's final. Tammy got me a link braclet which came with a teddy bear on it. And the band is pink! Yay for presents. I'm getting their's in Febuary. (You can ask in the comments because I don't feel like typing it out now. x_x)

RPed with Neko for a bit and now with Kiri. Just got finished watching WHR and Gundam Seed. Gundam Seed pwns! I <33 it. WHR was eppie 15, one of the best ones in the series!

Well, that's all for here. Shall talk to you soon!

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