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I'm a messed up baby

like the Berlin Wall

goddess of the red sea
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10000 things, adam green, alison wolfe, be your own pet, beat happening, bikini kill, black tambourine, black wire, bob geldoff isnt original, bratmobile, cake bake betty, catching the orrall bug, chainsaw records, cheap time, cole alexander, dan wilson, dazed and confused, deluxin', detroit rock city, discrimination is for dummies, dolphins, don't need you documentary, edward furlong, exscuse 17, feminist sweepstakes, fierce perm, gary jarman, gary's neck veins, girl germs zine, hannah billie, heavens to betsy, hugging leather jacket-ed people, ian st. pe, infinity cat, jake latakas orall, jake n' jamin, jake orrall, jamin orrall, jamin's voice soundslikehehasacoldwhichifindsexy, jared hondo swilley, jeff the band, jeffrey novak, jemina pearl abegg, jimmy cushman?, john eatherly is pale, john eatherly's boyish features, john eatherly's rosey cheeks, john etherly, jonas stein, joseph m bradley, k records, kaiser chiefs, kathleen hanna, kathy wilcox, korean barbeque, ladyfest baltimore, ladyfest leeds, larrikin love, le tigre, letho the band, life on other planets, mecca normal, mediocraty rules, nathan vasquez's longsinglechunkofhair, nathan williams, orange juice, partyline, political party fiction, questioning authority, riot grrrl, ross jarman, ryan crib, ryan jarman, ryan's s&m studded jacket, savage lucy, sexy wakey accents, shrag, si mccabe, skyblazer, slant 6, sleater- kinney, sonic youth, the beauty myth, the black lips, the butchies, the color red, the cribs, the femminine mystique, the flykicks, the frumpies, the gaye blades, the gossip, the long blondes, the others, the ramones, the rattraps, the real loosers, the research, the sex, the spells, the spinto band, the strokes, the thermals, the zombies, times new viking, tobi vail, tom atkin, tom greatorex, turbo fruits, turbo john, turbo jonas, turbo max, wavves