Camp was amazing. It really was the 'time of my life' & as corny as that sounds I'm really happy about it.

And excited

and scared

and anxious at the same time.

And I could just keep ranting about how awesome the experience was but then i would most likely just carried away just like I'm starting to so on that note:

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byy the wayyyyy, if the pics are being goofy and the plague of the evil red x's continues, try right clicking then 'show picture'. if that doesnt work, then there is no hope after all.

Oh, yeah

only because some people just suck. comment, +, i'll most likely give you the benefit of the doubt.

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Here's a scale, weigh it out.

Now I know a disease that these doctors can’t treat.
You contract on the day you accept all you see,
Is a mirror, and a mirror is all it can be?
A reflection of something we’re missing,
And language just happened, it was never planned,
And it’s inadequate to describe where I am.

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