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[icon] soulful
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Subject:i have so much shit to do, i decided to do this instead.
Time:01:55 pm
Food: cereal.
Drink: water.
Song: mmm...i don't know...close your eyes -jump little children..maybe...or elliott smith...
Actor: jake gyllenhaal!
Actress: i don't even know.
Clothing Store: goodwill. or cheap places.
Candy: those fruit flavored tootsie rolls. and yogurt covered rasins.
Place: my bed.
Person: my dog.
Color: green.
Eye Color: blue or green.
Fruit: strawberries and bananas
Ice Cream Flavor: mint chip.

Food: green beans. and basically all vegetables in general
Drink: coffee
Song: that macy gray song from a long time ago, i hate her songs.
Actor: i don't care.
Actress: i don't care.
Clothing Store: rave. it's ridiculous.
Candy: butterscotch taffy things. taffy in general.
Place: nursing homes.
Person: *no comment*
Color: pink.
Eye Color: i'm not eye colorist...i will like you for you, not your eyecolor.
Fruit: plums.
Ice Cream Flavor: bubblegum.

Held Hands: yes.
Hugged: yes.
Kissed: yes.
Drank Alcohol:yes.
Did Drugs: no.
Fought: yes.
Stole: probably.
Ditched: probably.
Drove: yes.
Crashed: yes.
Broke a body part: yes.

Love: zach moore.
Like: my sister hannah.
Hate: *no comment*
Have Fun With: zach with our movies, megan and emily and our songs, and allie with our talks, and jimi and court with our to-do summer list.
Admire: my pa.
Tell Everything To: Zach.
Have Most Memories With: abbi.
Care About: alot of people who don't think i care about them.
Not Care About: noooo oneee. and i mean it.

last kiss: last night.
last cigarette: yeah right.
last good cry: mmm yesterday, or some shit like that.
last library book checked out: something on the soviet union.
last movie seen: charlie and the chocolate factory.
last book read: a stupid one.
last cuss word uttered: fucker. hahaha oh geez, soccer practices...
last beverage drank: milk.
last food consumed: subway
last phone call: either zach, megan, or allie.
last tv show watched: superjack! these lumberjacks compete to see whose the best.
last shoes worn: these sandals from walmart.
last cd played: Quasi- Sword of God.
last item bought:pizza king.
last downloaded: i don't download.
last annoyance: me, or zach, because we're close like that.
last disappointment: wednesday.
last soda drank: .....i don't drink soda very much. but probably sprite.
last thing handwritten: my name on a paper for summer school, which is OVER.
last word spoken: 'ok'.
last sleep: 1 PM today.
last im: megan
last weird encounter: last friday.
last ice cream eaten: too long ago.
last amused: thursday night.
trippin on drugs?: nah
last time wanting to die:well...no.
last time in love: now.
last time hugged: last night.
last time scolded: thursday night.
last chair sat in: my computer chair
last lipstick used: sweetheart.
last shirt worn: my sisters green one.
last time dancing: yesterday, for my sister's friend.
last poster looked at: the ones on my ceiling when i went to bed last night.

1 MINUTE AGO: typing answers
1 HOUR AGO: sleeping
1 DAY AGO: running errands.
1 WEEK AGO: home thinking about zach.
1 YEAR AGO: getting my life back in order.

1. What do you most like about your body? my glasses. if that counts.
2. And least? my arms, complexion, hair, eye color, and hips. mostly hips though.
3. How many fillings do you have? 98
4. Do you think you're good looking? no. i'm awkward.
5. Do other people tell you that you're good looking? no. well zach, but it's because he loves me and love does weird things to your eyes.

First screen name: the one i have now. what's the point in changing it?
First funeral: lindsey wein.
First pet: buster
First piercing/tattoo: ears
First credit card:yeah right.
First Kiss: Zach.
First one that mattered: Zach's...like... 17, 18 months ago.
First love: Zach.
First enemy: Chelsea Wolf...fag.
First big trip: Florida with carrie.
First concert: NSYNC. for my 10th birthday.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: the beegees and hootie.
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Current Music:elliott.
Subject:it's coming up roses, everywhere you go.
Time:06:42 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
well you hate everyone...it's not like im special.

me and zach are fine and full because we just ate mcdonalds.
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Current Music:elliott
Subject:and be forever with my poison arms around you.
Time:10:30 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired

sometimes i talk with people.  and sometimes i laugh with people.



but it's a shame i can't do it without offending someone.



some people just don't get it

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Current Music:dmb
Subject:it's a typical situation.
Time:10:15 am
Current Mood:crankycranky
i was thinking, and we're not friends.

so many people talk about houses on the beach and living happily everafter in the sun with hippie kids...it seems like the generic "future" and all of you people are so certain will happen. sorry to burst your bubble but i bet that with the exception of one determined lady i know, you will all stay in the farm area of america. ohio, illinois, indiana, michigan. and you won't be rich. because if you don't care now, what makes you think you'll start caring later?

sorry for smashing your dreams, but i'm a realist.

some girls are so eager to fall in love they don't relize that they're heart is being surgically removed everytime they fall into another fake and fatal kiss.
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Current Music:the honorary title.
Subject:reason to celebrate.
Time:11:42 am
Current Mood:lovedobsessed


on this holiday i beg and pray

for you to show me a conversation holding hands

underneath all the flashing decorations

and put everything aside for now.

its just you i love tonight

if not for eachother, then for my parents sake.







i need this CD.

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Current Music:John Butler Trio- seeing angels
Subject:it's summer, ladeeda.
Time:10:09 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
mmm summer.

my budday, courtney and i made a 'summer list' which we WILL complete by the end of the summer.

here's just a few.

laying by the pool- check.
kings island-
'handball'- apparently it's the SPORT OF THE SUMMER, but i still have to check it out.

...i think you get the idea...

my boyfriend has a job. like a real one where you work 5 days a week, but i still get to see him quite a bit because it's summer and it totally rocks. i love you zach.

speaking of jobs, i need one.
i've applied for...mmm basically everying.

but apparently i am a freak or something and no one wants to hire me damnit. sooooo im thinking about applying for like wendy's...yeah i know fast food ick.

calyn poore: we are going to hang out and i am going to call you one of these days and suprise the shit out of you.

allie-mae: im so proud of you! java was awesome.

my tickets, excuse me OUR tickets came in today. and holy cow am i excited.
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Subject:thats the way we became the brady bunch.
Time:04:00 pm
Current Mood:depresseddepressed
i got my hair cut...


^^^ and that's what my hair looks like.

i want to cry for the rest of my life.
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Current Music:The Honorary Title.
Subject:"BARELY" <...it's an adverb.
Time:07:07 pm
Current Mood:artisticartistic
i saw a couple blading (roller blading that is) on the sidewalk and holding hands. it reminded me of i love the 80's (that i've seen at least 14 times)

it pisses me off when bikes think that they're cars and drive in the street like cars and stop at stop signs like cars...because...well, they're just not cars.

Me: Guess whose going to the jack johnson concert in noblesville?
Person: I don't know haley, who?
Me: Me!
Person: Wow, you're lucky, can I go with you?
Me: No, im going with my boyfriend.

One time for my birthday my parents ordered me this book that was titled "Haley's Birthday Adventure" and it was all about me and this Elf, and I got to find my birthday plant.

mmmmm i'm going to little mexico II....RIGHT NOW.
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Current Music:john butler trio -sunrise over sea.
Time:04:16 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
theres a gross nasty huge zit under my skin and it hurts soo bad. the pain is driving me up the freaking wall. today i took a needle and about pushed it all the way through my cheek to try and kill the sucker. luckily i came back to my wits before following through.

First off:
Tomorrow is my budday's birthday. sixteen WOOOOoOoOOOOHHHhHHHOOOOOoOOOHHHhHH! and even though she'll probably never see this, happy birthday in 24 hours! I love having friends like her.

Choir lists were posted. Lets just say that Jefferson Highschool is 'whack'.

It's a shame how people can be so disappointing. It's amazing how your point of view on people can change over a period of time. what you thought they were compared to what they are. blah.

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Current Music:ben folds
Subject:i feel like a quote out of context.
Time:04:05 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
bored. well not really, just procrastinating.

you know those one shoes that used to have wheels in the soles, so you could roll around like an awesome person instead of walk, well i remember when i was in like 6th grade and wanted those damn shoes...never got them.

my buddays birthday is in ten days! last year i got her a keyboard for her computer because the one that she had was crappy, and in ms. hill's english class the whole day she would type whatever the teacher said. goodness, i miss budday.

i only eat finger food with a fork whenever i feel uncomfortable around people. im weird.

i want 'sunrise over sea'.

i want SUMMER!


p.s. my boyfriend is totally greekadorous.
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[icon] soulful
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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