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across the street and down half a block from my house, this bar is run by a very nice lesbian couple and their dog who sits behind the bar waiting for whoever to reach over and pet him. they have metallica, the misfits & the ramones (plus more) on the jukebox. you'll see hipsters, ex gang members, rowdy local business owners, a drunk old man - kevin - who almost always gets kicked out after being told to shut up too many times. punks, cute dykes and fashionable gay boys every other night. thursdays through saturdays i could hear screaming at two am as the kids would file out and get on their bikes (if you sit in one of the front windows you get a nice view of all the bikes - mostly fixies), riding down the street looking for more fun. it's a good place to go every now and then, drink soda or watch your friends drink (or drink yourself), drool over bikes with their matching rims & sing along to slayer in an environment where people love you for knowing all the words. the bartenders are unusually nice and if you don't order then they don't card. plus, there's the dog.