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i am still alive or something. moved. working at ritual. you can see some pictures if you do a search on flickr for "danielle"
and "ritual" /// i hav eto go back to work now though. will have internet an dcomputer soon.... our new apartment is phat. expect a dc visit in late march with the boy. i still have my phone.... phone calls are nice. meagan i been thinking of you will call soon. mwah mwah guys, get the hellz off lj. :) oh i got another stupid myspace accoutn. email me: skinless@

see y'all on the flip side

new tattoo
a skeleton with wings sitting perched, dangling a heart from a string on my left forearm
lots of painting
in the ghetto in pits in the middle of the city ... looking at this abandoned barn house in the cuts of marin to paint...
coffee making ... sleeping ... the usual ... lazy days. bought a sewing machine!!! yeah!!

funny graffiti stuff.

led graffiti link supplied by jamie_miller...

i have an interview tomorrow for an apartment with two other people. it's in the soma which is below the tenderloin, kind of a warehouse area that's being taken over by expensive condos and such. but this room is really cheap cos the guy has been there for a billion years so it's only 450! i would be living with a forty year old man though... (and another woman who is 23 but never home much). we'll see. otherwise i'm just going to be checking out studios.