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For a lunatic of a god or a god of a lunatic?

Napoleona "Bonbon" Carter (Slashy Goodness)
8 October
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when love is war

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About Me
I'm a 21-year-old, animation major who specializes in character design, storyboarding (when I want to), writing, and 3D modeling and animation. I love reading and writing fanfiction, especially slash, crack, and things relating to music. Currently, I'm sort of falling into bandom. Not much else to say.

About This Journal
This is where all my fanfiction and original fiction will be posted. From time to time, I might link art I've done if it relates.
I'm also contemplating the pros and cons of doing some animations to songs by a few bands so I'll update about that if it happens and I don't get slapped with a lawsuit. (I had an animation up on veoh that's since been taken down because it had MCR for the music. I... gave credit in the comments and the credits but... Oh well. At least I haven't been sued yet.)


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