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*~Sky Songs~*

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Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
1:33 am - I stole this survey.
Kind of long but interestingCollapse )

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Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
12:23 am - Random thoughts
+ The music video for Cho PD's "Dear Friend" amuses the shit out of me. I have it on tape if you live around here and want to see it. Hehe.
+ Rating communities are fun. Seven and counting! lol
+ I can't wait for American Idol 4 :D
+ A "certain person" is ridiculous and needs to stop wearing clothes that look like they're from 1997. On second thought, no she doesn't, because she is very amusing that way and she gives us lots to talk about.
+ Speaking of 1997, VH1 is going to do I Love the 90s this summer and I think it's going to be fucking hilarious! VH1 is really awesome nowadays. It's like, they stopped showing shitty music videos, so now they're just kind of like E!, minus the pseudo-serious stuff about celebrities and their drug addictions.
+ My blinkie collection is becoming massive. Hehe.
+ New userpics coming soon maybe?
+ First OUDDRS meeting Thursday!
+ It's finally June! And I'm still in school! >_> <_< Quarters suck sometimes but I think semesters would be worse! + Gonorreah is bad, mmmkay? ;-) Also, I must add that I scheduled the other day (the 25th I believe). Damn, I love finally being an upperclassman. Although I got closed out of a few classes, it was ok, because I just re-worked some things to take them at other times. Here is the schedule for next quarter: Span 354 Dramatizations of the Hispanic World 12:10-1 MTThF Jour 412 Ethics, Mass Media & Society 1:10-2:30 MW Jour 350 Radio Broadcast News 1:10-3 TTh Eng 306J Women & Writing 5:10-7 TTh I'll also be helping out in the peer tutoring lab for Psy 221 for ... well probably six quarters in a row if all goes well! So take Psy 221 cause it's the most fun you'll ever have with Stats, and then I can help you out in the tutoring lab. Yay. ^.^

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