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Rodney Skinner

Well, 'ello 'ello! What 'ave we got 'ere?

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Name: Rodney Skinner

Age: 30

From: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the movie, and my own imaginations.

Description: 5'9"; bald head with slight red scruff for a beard and mustache; goes around naked a lot but wears a black leather hat and black leather coat with numerous pockets.

Occupation: Gentleman Thief

Brief History: Rodney Skinner and his younger brother John were raised by their older sister Katherine (Kitty) after their mother died of cholera. Their fater, a drunkard, had died of liver failure some years before.

Doing what came natural on London's East End, Rodney honed his skills as a small time thief and expert lock picker, eventually bringing John onboard with a few close friends.

He hit the jackpot when he broke into a deceased scientist's lab, one Hawley Griffin, and stole some vials (and money) lying around. On a dare he mixed the liquids and drank it only to find himself completely invisible. Using this to his advantage, Skinner set his sights higher and higher in crime, but during one excursion a 'friend' turned traitor and John was arrested and transported to Australia.

Rodney's emotional state at the time--mixed with a great deal of arrogance--soon made it easy for Bitish Intelligence to capture "The Invisible Man". A pardon and a cure were offered--since it's truly no fun when you don't get recognized for your work--for Skinner's complete help and membership with 'The League'.

Skills: Skinner is a world class theif and spy who has no problems with destroying the privacy of others...or nudity for that matter. Locks are no problem for him. Contrary to popular belief he can remain very quiet when he has to.

Personality: He's open and friendly so most people should like him, when he's not grabbing their ass. He likes to have a good time, likes a pint and a song. Skinner dislikes it when people take themselves too seriously, preferring a verbal jab than meek acceptance or snotty silence. He'll also put himself into dangerous situations to help others (and so they know he's not the bad guy) when it comes down to it.

Weaknesses: Skinner is only human, but because he is invisible hardly anyone will trust that he doesn't have evil intentions...typical. And for some reason people don't take the word of self-expressed Master Thieves seriously. Though physically fit, a couple hard hits to the back of the head should put this guy out of comission. He likes a drink, sometimes too much.

The Invisible Man by HG Wells
British Slang
Victorian Slang

For RPG purposes only, I don't own LXG or the character Rodney Skinner