Rodney Skinner (_skinner) wrote,
Rodney Skinner

To erase the original name or number from a stolen watch, and substitute one that is fictitious—christening Jack

To take the works from one watch, and case them in another—churching Jack

Poultry stealing—beak hunting

One who steals from the shopkeeper while pretending to effect an honest purchase—a bouncer

One who entices another to play at a game at which cheating rules, such as card or skittle sharping—a buttoner

The treadmill, shin scraper (arising, it may be assumed, on account of the operator’s liability, if he is not careful, to get his shins scraped by the ever-revolving wheel).

To commit burglary— crack a case, or break a drum

The van that conveys prisoners to gaol—Black Maria

A thief who robs cabs or carriages by climbing up behind, and cutting the straps that secure the luggage on the roof—a dragsman

Breaking a square of glass—starring the glaze

Training young thieves—kidsman

To be transported or sent to penal servitude—lagged

Three years’ imprisonment—a stretch

Six months—half stretch

Three months’ imprisonment—a tail piece

To rob a till—pinch a bob

A confederate in the practice of thimble rigging—a nobbler

One who assists at a sham street row for the purpose of creating a mob, and promoting robbery from the person—a jolly

A thief who secretes goods in a shop while a confederate dis­tracts the attention of the shopkeeper is—a palmer

A person marked for plunder—a plant

Going out to steal linen in process of drying in gardens—going snowing

Bad money—sinker

Passer of counterfeit coins—smasher

Stolen property generally—swag

To go about half-naked to excite compassion—on the shallow

Stealing lead from the roof of houses—flying the blue pigeon

Coiners of bad money—bit fakers

Midnight prowlers who rob drunken men—bug hunters

Entering a dwelling house while the family have gone to church —a dead lurk

Convicted of thieving—in for a vamp

A city missionary or scripture reader—gospel grinder


Hidden from the police—in lavender

Forged bank notes—queer screens

Whipping while in prison—scrobyor claws for breakfast

Long-fingered thieves expert in emptying ladies’ pockets—fine wirers

The condemned call—the salt box

The prison chaplain—Lady Green

A boy thief, lithe and thin and daring, such a one as house­breakers hire for the purpose of entering a small window at the rear of a dwelling house—a little snakesman
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