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Slutty McSlut and her dancing Boobies [entries|friends|calendar]

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ok im getting desparate. [03 Nov 2003|10:50pm]
vic hasnt found a job yet. now im fucking worried.

if he doesnt get one within the next week or so ... we're gonna have to move to ft wayne .... and as much as i love it there .. i dont wanna go.
leaving my friends and pulling the boys out of the one and only school theyve ever actually liked would be way too difficult.

so starting tomorrow im going back to phone sexin.
listening to loser freaks jerk off and say retarded freakish things again .. is going to suck.
but atleast this time ill get a po box so i can milk the freaks for everything they wanna give.

my dad came to my wedding....
it made me cry. he flew all the way from puerto rico even though he knew i pretty much hated his guts ... just to be there. that kicked ass.

thats really the only good memory i have about it. everything else really sucked and i spent 2 days after that crying my eyes out about how bad it was.

i hate carmen (wedding planner) .. and if i ever see her i will end up in jail from the serious ass kicking i will unleash upon her lezbo ass.

oh well .. im gonna go vomit now ...... i think im getting the flu.
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kill me please [30 Sep 2003|10:41am]
[ mood | sick ]

oh my god!
i am sooo fuckin sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
i have the head cold from hell....
altho it made my voice all raspy so i now i sound like jessika rabbit .... if she had a cold.

man these updates really suck dont they?

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pork rhinds a plenty [20 Sep 2003|01:45pm]
[ mood | worried ]

i hate hot spicey food ... so why the hell am i eating a whole fucking bag of hot ass spicey pork rhinds?

cuz im stupid thats why!

i would really like to fuckin know if im getting married or not. all this waiting around sucks.
i have 3249763456545 things that need to get made/put together/set up ... sitting in bags upon bags in my bedroom .. but i cant do anything with them cuz i dont know if i have to make it .. or take it back to the damn store.

vic didnt get the job he was going for .. which really fuckin sucks .... lets hope he can keep the one he's got long enough to find another one .... otherwise we're gonna be FUCKED. and not in the fun way.

show tonight... yay and stuff.

i really dont wanna fuckin go .... but hey .. if i dont .. who will they have to turn the house lights on and off .... WHO?!?! TELL ME?!?!

nothin like waiting till the last minute to get everything done.

maybe people will get me drunk.. that would be nice.


well fuck [19 Sep 2003|06:37pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

i told vic and the boys to go out for a little while so i could clean this giant garbage can of a house.

theyll be gone for ooooh about 2 hours ... so yea ill start cleaning when i have about half an hour to go heh.

theres always these times when i have absolutely nothing to do .... i wish to hell i have 239876348564 different things to take up my time .. and when i do get stuff to do .. i dont wanna do anything but sit around and scratch my ass.

im nervous about the wedding ... too much stuff is going wrong and its driving me fucking insane.
the first show at dukes is tomorrow.... i doubt anyone will show .. cuz everyone that i talk to is a jackass.
so lets see where i pull $100 for the sound guy out of!! egh.

im nervous.
i hate this shit.
fuck fuck fuck
oh well .... might as well get it the fuck over with right? im scared mommy.
someone hold me.....


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