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people who abandon their dreams;; [entries|friends|calendar]
♥ CayTee

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July 25th, at 2:05pm]

so, there's this girl named shay.
who is a total SKANK.
& she was cameltoe like what.

i love you shay!


July 24th, at 10:46pm]

kelly grennan is a slutttt.
& i love her.


July 4th, at 12:51am]
  • happy 4th of july
  • im pretty buzzed right now
  • my breath reeks of alcohol
  • i got a job, first day today
  • my dad bought me beer yay
  • margarita time tomorrow at saras
  • beach tomorrow maybe
  • im tan
  • & just got a new pack of cigarettes
  • i want to meet this really hot guy named alex

yea, thats about it. im having fun


June 30th, at 12:20am]
okay seriously, someone find me a boyfriend like right now.

summertime & the livins easy [Tuesday
June 28th, at 12:18pm]

sunday night;;
got home around 4ish, unloaded the truck & whatnot. kim came over & brought her friend erin, so i stayed home for a little bit & talked to them. then i went to go see my sara boooo♥ we seriously hugged for like 2 minutes, plus i had to get a lighter, mine disappeared? then i went to kevins house, & we went to starbucks. the guy fucked up my frapp :( it had little pieces of plastic in it? i dont know. it was weird. then we went back to his house for a little bit, then he had to study. so i met up with EJ & his friend joe at another starbucks, then went back to his house & chilled for a little bit. then we went to publixxx, cause i had to get sodas before i went home. & then i had to get gas & wash my dads truck. how aboutttt i went through the car wash the wrong way.. & then this person started coming through the RIGHT way, & i was like oh shiittt. but yea, its all good. then i went home :)

picked up skank sara around 1030, we went to CVS & i applied for a job. then we went to KG to buy cigarettes, cause the asian lady always sells them to sara, but there were people behind us, so she was like i need to see your ID. so that shit didnt work, & we were pissed. so we went to CD warehouse to try & get the new saosin CD, but its not out yet. the manager there is really cool, weve talked to him a lot. then we went to taco bell & i took her home. i came home & made chex mix. which was yummyyyy. then i had a doctors appointment. i have to get an mri on wrist, even tho i just had another fucking test, but whateverrr. so its possible there could still be a tear, which sucks. he says i need to rest it, or if i irritate it more, i need surgery. which would put me in a splint for 3 months, & i defiitely cant afford that with the season starting somewhat soon. so yea.. then i had mandarin league from 5-7. there were only 4 varsity girls, & one isnt that awesome. so, needless to say it wasnt very fun; very boring. my mind is not the right spot when i play boring volleyball. like i dont even care because its not fun. so yeaa. then me & my parents went to sakura's for dinner, best place EVER. i wore my stripper shoes :D theyre just stilettos, but super high. so i call them stripper shoes haha. then i went to the grocery store cause i needed stuff for chex mix. came home & went back out atound 945ish. i saw mr & mrs smith with EJ & joe at like 1005. it was really gooddd. very cute slash funny. got home around 1240ish, went straight to bed.

i have no idea what im doing today :) because i just woke up. but hopefully going to the mall with bertnayyy :D


June 26th, at 4:25pm]
I am bisexual or homosexual.
I've consumed alcohol.
I've run away from home. (for 5 minutes)
I have lied to my parents about where I am.
I don't like Bush because he is dumb.
I don't like Bush with my own reasons to back it up.
I am for Bush.
I listen to political music.
I collect comic books.
I am shorter than 5'5.
I think I'm ugly, even sometimes.
I shut others out when I'm depressed.
I open up to others easily.

I am keeping a secret from the world
I watch the news.
I own over 5 rap CDs.
I own an iPod or MP3.

I own (a few ) multiple designer purses, costing over $100 a piece.
I own something from Hot Topic.
I own something from Pac Sun.
I own something from The Gap.
I own something I got on e-bay.
I love Disney Movies.
I am a sucker for haireyes.
I don't kill bugs.
I curse regularly.
I paid for that cell phone ring.

I am a sports fanatic.
I have "x"s in my screen name.
I've slipped out an "lol" in a real conversation.
I love Spam .
I bake well
I would wear pajamas to school
I own something from Abercrombie.
I have a job.

I love Martha Stewart.
I am in love with love.
I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS.
I am self conscious.
I like to laugh.
I smoke a pack a day (does half count?)

I lovedLiked Perks of Being a Wallflower.
I lovedLiked Go Ask Alice.
I have cough drops when I'm not sick.
I can't swallow pills
I can swallow about 5 pills at a time no problem
I eat fast food weekly.
I have many scars.
I believe in ghosts
I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
I am really ticklish.

I see a therapist.
Take anti-depressants. (for fun sometimes)
I love white chocolate.
I bite my nails.
I am comfortable with being me.
I play video games.

I'm single
I'm in a relationship.
Gotten lost in your city.
Saw a shooting star.
Wished on a shooting star.
Saw a meteor shower.
I had a serious surgery.
Gone out in public in your pajamas.
I have kissed a stranger.
Hugged a stranger
Been in a fist fight.
Been arrested. (getting searched by beach cops is close enough)
Laughed and had milk/or another drink come out of your nose.
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator

Made out in an elevator.
Swore at your parents.
Kicked a guy where it hurts.
Been close to love.
Been to a casino.
Been skydiving.
Broken a bone.
Skipped school.

Saw a therapist.
Played spin the bottle.
Gotten stitches.

Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour.
Bitten someone.
Been to Niagara Falls.
Gotten the chicken pox.

Kissed a member of the same sex.
Crashed into a friend's car.
Been to Japan.
Ridden in a taxi.
Been fired.
Ever had a crush on someone of the same sex.
Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back.
Stole something from your job.
Gone on a blind date.
Lied to a friend.
Had a crush on a teacher.

Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
Been to Europe.
Slept with a co-worker.
Been married.
Gotten divorced.
Had children.
Saw someone dying.
Been to Africa.
Driven over 400 miles in one day.
Been to Canada.
Been to Mexico.
Been on a plane.
Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Thrown up in a bar
Eaten Sushi.
Been snowboarding.
Been Skiing.
Met someone in person from the internet.
Been to a moto cross show.
Lost a child.
Gone to college.
Graduated college.
Done hard drugs.
Taken painkillers.

Had someone cheat on you.

Miss someone right now.
Taken painkillers when you didn't need them.
Smoked weed.

Snorted cocaine.
Ate shrooms.
Popped E.
Inhailed Nitrous.
Been in love.
Cheated in a relationship.
Woke up crying.
Cried yourself to sleep.
Peed from laughing.
Had sex.
Had sex in a car.

Had sex in public.
Had sex in the shower.
Had sex in a sibling's bed.
Had sex in a (Friends) parent's bed.
Read the answers of the person who sent this to you.
My answers are totally honest.

June 26th, at 4:21pm]
& its crunk time from now on


im in a foreign country! :D [Friday
June 17th, at 3:14pm]
soo yea, im in canada now :D i leave tomorrow morning to go back to new york. i absolutely LOVE it here. my family up here; they're so nice. i'm staying at my great aunt & uncle's house; aunt bruna & uncle joe. they're my dad's aunt & uncle. & their granddaughter nadia lives here too, so i guess that makes her my cousin? nadia is pretty tight, i like her. she went to fashion school, so i had someone to go sopping with. i've been a shopaholic, & i mean that. hah, when we go back to the states my mom is gonna fill out this form thing to get our taxes back. i spent well over $200 here just shopping. they do a lot of things different here. like the metric system; very confusing. i wish i would have payed attention to that shit in school so i would know how to convert all this stuff. the gas is in liters, & its like 89 liters, which is $3.56 american dollars. basically, a shitload of money. back home we pay about 2.10 or 2.15. but as the day goes on, the gas price drops, it's really weird. around 6 or 7, gas goes down to 75 liters. that's a HUGE difference. & instead of green arrows, the light flashes green. differenttt. i've just been visiting family basically.. yesterday i saw uncle nick & aunt rita, my dad's cousin kim & her daughter stephanie, & they're both my cousins. & then today we went & saw george (kim's husband) & their son jason. george owns a mechanic shop thingie. so yea, he's a mechanic & so is jason. needless to say, he's getting lots of money for what he's doing. he took us out to lunch & we talked; the usual. he gave me a $100 bill, in canadian money. ooo la la. :D that was very nice of him! much love.

tomorrow morning i go back to new york for a week, & then..
SUMMERRRRRR! my summer vacation officially starts because i will be off groundation :D
which i am very excited about

there's some things lately that i've been thinking about, that i want slash need;;
-some good sex. i havent had any for like 4 months now; & im getting very needy.
-a cute puppy; a pomeranium (i have NO idea how to spell that) preferably, & i wanna name it lucy
-a freaking car

& yea, that's about ittt

oh yea! & a boyfriend :D
i want someone who will be there for me, not just for the sex. but that's a plus :D

11 CMT

June 9th, at 10:29pm]
i leave tomorrow morning for a 20 hour drive up New York. family vacation; oh joyy. im going to Canada too :) ill be back around the 26th. try not to miss me too much :)

arthogram [Wednesday
June 8th, at 7:22pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

ohmygosh. i got SIX shots today :( i went to the hospital around 830 & went to the radiology room. my appointment wasnt until 915, so as to why we had to be there at 830 is beyond me. plus we were in the wrong room. & we definitely waited there for an hour, & my mom went up & asked the front desk. shes like, oh youre in the wrong room. she OBVIOUSLY didnt even look at the sign in sheet. whoreee. so now i was like 15 minutes late to my appointment. blahh. so yea, i go in & talk to the doctor, sign a bunch of forms. yada yada. then i get some xrays of my wrist. then i had to lay on the table thing, & the nurse painted this shit color brown slash orange stuff on my wrist to "clean it". then the doctor came in. he did a numbing shot first, which hurt like a motherfucker. i cant even describe what that felt like. it burned on the inside; very weird. then he did another shot, the actual injection. the point of these by the way is to tell if i have a tear in my wrist. so he injected dye in my bloodstream, & if it leaked out, that meant i had a tear. nothing leaked the first time, which is good. then he did the 2nd numbing shot. that one hurt the worst. & then the injection. while the injection was taking place, i couldnt hold my arm still. it was shaking so much. it hurttt :( so then i had to let the dye absorb before he could do the 3rd injection. so me & my momma went to lunch. giftshop, then came back & got that shit done. no tears. i couldnt move my wrist afterwards. it felt like there was a huge metal plate in there like resisting me from movement. weirddd. then i dropped my momma off at work. went & saw my dad at work. i had to show him all my cuts :) hah thennn, i had to go to the grocery store cause we didnt have any more chex mix stuff. & i got a magazine. the new COSMO say whaa?! me encanta cosmo.

then i came home. my cousin colin calls me & is like hey have you eaten lunch yet? yea. do you have food at your house? yea. will you make me lunch? yea. okay im coming over. kay. that was our conversation hah. hes such a fag :D so i made him macaroni & cheese & we watched dumb & dumber. such a great movie; its hilarious. then i went to volleyball from 5-7. that about sums it up..

tomorrow im getting new speakers in my dads truck say whaaa?!? im excited. like whoaaa. he's got 2 subs & 2 amps already. so the new speakers should be swell :)

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June 7th, at 10:34pm]
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June 7th, at 3:45pm]
1. Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me.

2. Do an Image Google Search and search for that word.

3. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results, but don't tell me the word you googled.
17 CMT

dont we all love report cards?! [Tuesday
June 7th, at 3:18pm]

i just got my report carddd. im actually happy with my grades; they werent bad at all :D

4th quarter;;             final exam;;
religion-76                 86
english-84                  74
w.history-81              87
geoemtry- 86             74
chemistry-84              78
spanish-85                 73
computer apps-91      78

final grade;;

those are pretty good :D all of my exam grades went up from midterms except for two. so my parents shouldn't be mad about those. if they are, ill show them whats up hah

i got a fucking C in religion. what the hell is that? honestly, no one needs to take a course on religion. especially 4 fucking years of it. its so pointless, i wouldve rather taken another academic then to have taken religion this past year. we didnt do SHIT. & i still ended up with a C. oh welll. its not like im gonna become a priest. if i was, id take special classes. not classes in high school. thats gay

my gpa was a 3.2. its not that good.. it used to be a 3.7
that pot will get to ya

i had to take my dads truck in, AGAIN. he has to get all his shit rewired. the people who did his under kit with the lights, fucked up the wiring. all the wires are right next to each other. hes got his neon lights, both amps, & now an xm radio wire, all next to each other. & theyre all interfering & thats whats causing the EXTREMELY annoying noise. so the guy said it would take about 4-5 hours to redo the whole thing, & around $200. $45 an hour. so yea; its expensive. sara followed me down there cause i didnt know if i would have to leave the truck there or not. then we hit up smoothie king :D & she almost got hit by a semi, because she peeled out right in front of it, then made an immmediate turn hah. poor girl :( & thennn she went home & cleaned. i came home & took a nap :D keesha woke me up like 3 times tho cause she had to shit. shes sick right now :( so shes like shitting in the house everywhere. & theyre not solid let me tell you. shes got the runs. ahha, thats really gross. the othery day i just ignored it & waited til my mom came home & pretended like i didnt see it. so yea, i went to go work out. & there was this really cute guy in there. he looked like ben draper, but bigger. & tanner. & darker hair. he was hottttt as fizzuck. & his arms were like, the size of my head. he said hey to me. oh yeaa. :D (its cause i wasnt wearing underwear, sh) & after that i went home for a little while. then my dad called & wanted me to go out to southside, the new AAA over there. & get some tour books for our vacation & whatnot. then i went to CVS to borrow some money from dad, went to colin's house. & we went to taco bell. & here i ammm. bored as fizzuck. i think im gonna make some more chex mix. :D lets pray i dont catch our kitchen on fire, like my mom did.. hah


saw this in ty's profile, its cute;

Here's to you and here's to me
Here's to the friends we'll always be
And if we ever disagree
Then fuck you and fuck me...


June 7th, at 8:52am]

heres to- -
       staying single.
                 seeing double.
                              doin triple.


SuMMeR oOoh 5 biiitchesss :)

& yes, i stole that from nikki's profile


June 6th, at 9:52pm]

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how cute ♥

a whole new worldddd [Monday
June 6th, at 8:24pm]
i have the aladdin song stuck in my head, & i dont know whyy! ha

i was supposed to have varsity setter camp today at JIS from 1-4. & i got there around 1245ish. & no one was there? so i went up to the desk & was like is volleyball camp still today? & he checked, flipped through papers, talked on the phone, blah blah. then said, you were the only one signed up for the camp. i was like well fuck was anyone gonna tell me? apparently NOT. & he said i can come tomorrow & wednesday morning from 9-12, but its JV. & i said no, i signed up for varsity, im not doing JV. & then he was like varsity girls are big. i was like dude, are you saying im too small & i cant handle it? ill be a junior this year, thank you. & ive played for 6 years. & half the time ive been told im too short, but ive come this far, so dont fucking tell me im too small. efkjasdjasdklja. that made me mad

so i left there all pissed off. & i went to CVS to see if my dad wanted some lunchh. i went & got him & miss margie some firehouse. that was a nightmare cause i almost got in like 134972 accidents. everyone was driving like they just did 10 lines of coke or something. it was ridiculous. thennn i went home. sara wanted to chill but my momma said no, cause im still grounded ):

i chilled with her this morning tho. after i took my dads truck in, i went & picked her up. we went tanning. & i must say the playboy bunny on my right hip is looking hot. & then we went to publix to cash her check, then CD warehouse. then the dollar store. then to pick up matt lazar. we woke him up & he was sleeping! it was SO adorable. his hair was sticking like straight up & he was still in his boxers. aw, it was cute hah. matt is so hot, i ♥ him :) then we went on a cigarette run. i got 2 packsss. yay. but im about to go on vacation so i wont really be able to smoke them til i get back. & my mom sort of figured out i smoked cigarettes? she mentioned in mcdonalds tonight. there was a kid sitting down eating with a pack of camels next to him, & i was like he doesnt look old enough to be smoking cigarettes. my mom was like neither do you, & you shouldnt do that cause youre an athlete. i didnt really know what to say hah.

i had league tonight from 5-7. it went pretty good actually. coach talley told me i was doing an "amazing" job :) yayyy! hah, then i went to mcdonalds & got my eyebrows diddd. & here i amm! i came home & keesha wasnt responding when i called her, & i looked out in the backyard & she wasnt there. so i assumed she was missing. so i drive around the neighborhood looking for her. then i couldnt find her, so i go home & call my mom. & was like mom did you leave keesha outside? uh no, shes in crate. OH. yea, basically i felt like a dumbass. hah

i went & saw miss heather today! we talked for like 30 minutes. it was good :)

thats about itttt.
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RIP [Monday
June 6th, at 12:38am]
a freshman at my school died yesterday (june 5, 05)
he drove drunk & crashed; & died.
so please keep him & his family in your prayers

RIP chris white
14 CMT

June 5th, at 4:39pm]
i know someone wants to help me find a super cute icon.. :)

something with cute hearts maybe?


i hate coming up with subjects [Sunday
June 5th, at 11:33am]
since i went out yesterday, my dad was like dont even ask to go anywhere next week. boooooooo. oh wellll. & then friday when i borrowed his truck, he was like you can either vacuum the inside or wipe down the inside. so i said okay ill vacuum it. & i took his truck again on saturday cause i had to take it in to get some shit fixed or something i dont know. & hes like okay now you can wipe it down. WTF?! so i did that. & washed it. however, the wash job sucked. my dad has the broken hose plugged in. the one with a bunch of holes. so that was distracting me. i seriously think i got more water on me than on the fucking truck. it was starting to piss me off.

me & colin went & saw LODT again. god, i ♥ that movie.

slinky slinky.. something something wonderful toy, its fun for a girl or a boy!

speaking of slinkies, kevin got mine tangled the other day. so me & colin untangled the WHOLE thing. its in one strand now. & it went from my front door to the mailbox. thats pretty long hah. & now its along the ceiling in my room. we used like 349259436 pieces of tape. & it fell down in 2 places. so i have to duck down to get in my bed. or else ill hit it. i kinda like it that tho.. hmm

i just figured out how to use my iPOD & shiiit, so you kids leave me some of your favorite songs =] purty pleaseee

June 4th, at 9:19am]
lords of dogtown was A M A Z I N G :)
i absolutely ♥ed it.

TA was my favoriteee.
& nikki reed was a skank in thirteen,
& she was a skank in this movie ha
20 CMT

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