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it's only me, empty handed

with a childish grin and a camera

captain weird
4 January
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picture capped from homestarrunner.com, teen girl squad numero uno.

laura. 14. michigan. wannabe actress. movie fanatic.

loves acting.

watching figure skating : alexei yagudin; fedor andreev; brian joubert; timothy goebel; matt savoie; sasha cohen; michelle kwan; irina slutskaya; vika volchkova; a.p. mcD; elena berezhnaya + anton sikharulidze; shae-lynn bourne + victor kraatz; marina anissina + gwendal peizerat; margarita drobiazko + povilas vanagas; naomi lang + peter tchernyshev; tanith belbin + ben agosto.

music: clay aiken; good charlotte; evanescence; sloan; kelly clarkson; michelle branch; the all-american rejects; dave matthews band; john mayer; rooney; shakira; stacie orrico; lindsay lohan; + lots more.

actors: johnny depp; orlando bloom; billy boyd; dominic monaghan; jackie chan.

actresses: lindsay lohan; kate hudson; keira knightley; catherine zeta-jones; reese witherspoon; audrey hepburn.

books: lord of the rings; my sergei; any books about the romanovs; a walk to remember; harry potter series:-[ .

movies: pirates of the caribbean; benny & joon; lord of the rings; the matrix; the princess bride; that thing you do; the mask of zorro; the italian job; x2; west side story; a walk to remember; life is beautiful.

tv shows: i love lucy; that 70's show; john doe; american idol; 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter; the other half; live with regis and kelly; while you were out; whose line is it anyway?.

magazines: seventeen; international figure skating.

color: red; white; black.

number: seven.

songs: bring me to life, hello, my immortal [evanescence] ; this is the night [clay aiken] ; one more sad song [all-american rejects] ; the one [shakira].

websites: homestarrunner.com I HAVE A CRUSH ON EVERY BOY

guys: johnny depp; clay aiken; orlando bloom; ryan seacrest; billy boyd; dominic monaghan; alexei yagudin; fedor andreev; elijah wood; robert carmine; mario lopez; paul walker; matt savioe; tyson ritter; nick wheeler; craig parker; + a lot more.:-[

friends: margaret [best friend irl]; sara [best friend online]; amber; claire; wendi; liz; theresa; mary; people i'm forgetting; love y'all.<3

dislikes liv tyler; haters; rules; bossy people; people who talk without thinking of the other's feelings; excluders; jamie sale and david pelletier [don't hate me for that, they just rub me the wrong way]; playing sports [my hand-eye coordination=0]; gym teachers; stealers; fake people; math.

"I don't pretend to be captain weird. I just do what I do." -- johnny depp
8 simple rules, acting, alexei yagudin, american idol, amy davidson, anastasia, anissina & peizerat, ann patrice mcdonough, anna anderson, audrey hepburn, avril lavigne, belbin & agosto, ben agosto, benji madden, benny and joon, berezhnaya & sikharulidze, billy boyd, bourne & kraatz, brian boitano, brian joubert, captain jack sparrow, catherine zeta-jones, charles grigsby, charlize theron, clay aiken, clay's killer hips, clayton grissom, craig parker, dave matthews band, dominic monaghan, drawing, drobiazko & vanagas, dubreuil & lauzon, ekaterina gordeeva, elijah wood, evanescence, fedor andreev, figure skating, good charlotte, gordeeva & grinkov, grand duchess anastasia, grand duchess marie, grand duchess olga, grand duchess tatiana, harry potter, i love lucy, ice dance, ina & zimmerman, irina slutskaya, jackie chan, jason mraz, jesus, jewel, joel madden, john doe, john mayer, john ritter :'(, johnny depp, johnny weir, joshua gracin, julia demato, justin guarini, kalesavich & parchem, kaley cuoco, kate hudson, keira knightley, kelly clarkson, kimberly caldwell, lang & tchernyshev, lindsay lohan, lord of the rings, lucille ball, mandy moore, mario lopez, matt savoie, michelle branch, michelle kwan, music, musicals, nick wheeler, nicole bobek, orlando bloom, otmaa, pirates of the caribbean, reese witherspoon, regis & kelly, remus lupin, rickey smith, robert carmine, rooney, russia, ryan jahnke, ryan seacrest, sara, sasha cohen, savvy, shakira, shopping, sirius black, sloan, stacie orrico, strongbad, sugarbutt, tanith belbin, tara lipinski, teen girl squad, that 70's show, the all-american rejects, the deuce project, the other half, the romanovs, timothy goebel, tyson ritter, viktoria volchkova, wayne brady, west side story