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I made Pirates of the Caribbean icons, because if you don't make them, you're banished from icon-land. Hehe! I kid. Of course, it's because I *heart* Jack! Who doesn't? On with the icons!

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14 more HP:POA

Did you know there was a new HP trailer? I did, I did! Thanks to Na'at for giving me a tangable version that I could save on my HD.

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HOMIGOD! Where did I go for so long? I dunno. I've just not been in an icon-making mood. And what icons do I choose to make? That's right The Tribe. This is one of those shows that I hate and at the same time love - just in the same way I both hate and love Space Cases. It just gets more confusing from here on in, so lets just get to the icons -


04. 06.

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To my two requestees concerning my Doctor Who post - I swear I will make them tonight or tomorrow.
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28 Doctor Who icons

DAMN YOU TEKI! It's all. Your. Fault! She got me kinda into this fandom. A little bit. Hee. ^_^

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ladyaura used two of my icons in this post. Watch the animation in the New Zealand Thing icon, you'll see two of them with the text taken out. Badly airbrushed or cloned out. Irk. >.o

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Since I plan to take complete advantage of my paid account, a poll!

Poll #231510 Icon Options

What icon set should I make next?

Natacha Atlas
Chronicles of Riddick
Xena & Hercules (NZ GAY!version)
Finish the bloody Space Cases min-movies

OH, and by the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the lovely people that commented on the last post. Sixty-nine at last count. Hehe, sixty-nine. What was I talking about? Oh yes ... thanks!
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