11 M*A*S*H icons + 1 wallpaper

Haha! tekiclutch got me season four of M*A*S*H on DVD. That makes me a happy girl. I also have All Kinds of Weather to thank for the pre-4 images I've used for the icons and wallpaper.


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Hey kids and kittens. I thought I would make one of those resources pages, so I can easily file away any brushes, tutorials and communites I find and like. The list will be updated a lot, pretty much whenever I find something neat, or use a brush I need to credit.

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State of the 'journal address

Since I have had to remind, so far, three people that they need to credit my icons for the Kill Bill icons, I will now be putting the rules in every post, even though there's a sidebar with the rules on this journal. I'm not really upset, it was only three people. This is just kind of an affirmation. Respect your icon-makers, ladies and gents! Or we may start charging. ^_^b

Anyway, status: working on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy icons. My roommate has a bunch of images from the illustrated Guide, and we have the DVD (caps!), so I've got plenty to work from. But the thing is, there's this brand-spanking new Guide movie that is (finally) coming out! So, I'm wondering if I should wait until at least the teaser trailer comes out. Hmm ...

But I think I will also start on a batch of The Dark Crystal icons, since I haven't given the DVD back to my sister. ^_^

Edit: Oh yeah. I have the sudden urge to make Dune icons. Where can I find good caps? @_@ *starts chanting* Muad'dib ...
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19 Kill Bill icons

Uh-oh. Yugami saw the new Kill Bill Vol. II trailer. You know what that means - icons! It's a good thing I don't have the DVD for Vol. I yet, because I would have spiralled out of control with the options of awesome visuals. Anyway - on with the show.

Since three people apparently didn't notice the sidebar with the rules, here they are:
- Comment please! <3
- You must credit/link to _sithcons in keywords or userinfo
- Do not hotlink/direct-link
- Do not alter (except bases)

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