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вяíttλиñy ♥♪
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There is so much in my life to be passionate about. I often take the time to stop and appreciate my surroundings. I enjoy good literature and having intelligent conversations. I find myself constantly searching for answers from the places that I travel to. I look forward to meeting new people and learning of their different lifestyles. I live for laughter. I enjoy music just as much as any other person would; it's a great way of self-expression. I constantly catch myself in a daydream tapping to abolutely nothing. I believe that there will always be something to live for.

DieMyDarling1289: and i remember just how bad you ruined everyone at battle of the bands.

undetermined329 (11:44:25 PM): I honestly can't describe exactly how I feel, so I just keep telling you I love you, because thats what I know it is, but I can't even begin on the complexity of it
undetermined329 (11:44:27 PM): honestly
undetermined329 (11:44:33 PM): I love you.

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