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and Me, Nathan, Alan

WinCon 2007!

So, I should be reading and studying because ZOMG I am SO incredibly behind on school work now, but instead I wanted to sit and write out my (incredibly LONG) report from the AMAZINGNESS that was WinCon 07! (with a small picspam at the end!)

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Seriously, you guys on my flist who I met this weekend are the best! I wish we had gotten more time to talk, some of you espcially, but there is always next year!
and Me, Nathan, Alan

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For the record? I FUCKING HATE the Dallas Ft. Worth airport. Forever.

Just got back home (after a 3 and 1/2 hour long grounding in TX) and am going to sleep until MUCH later tonight! :)

I had a BLAST meeting everyone and seeing friends for the 2nd time...I'll have a con report when my brain is functioning more normally!