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Unofficial WinCon

So, I'm posting this over on my LJ in hopes that other fangirls will see it as well!

nolajax and I have been talking about having a meet up this summer for those who definitely can't make it to LA, or who still want to do something together this summer because they can't wait long enough for LA. ;) She lives in New Orleans and was considering having that as the location since it's got some great paranormal history. But if that doesn't work out for you, let her know and we'll all see what we can do. I told her that as long as it's east coast, either southern or mid-atlantic area, that it's workable for me and more likely workable for others.

I'm pretty sure we have at least 5 or 6 others who are in for the idea, and we want as many as possible who can make it and want to hang with us awesome gals for a weekend! So, come on over and let her know you're interested and if New Orleans works or not.

*clings to the hope that a summer wincon with a smaller # of fangirls might work out*