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The big damn Winchester!Con recap!

So, after taking the entire day to recover (I skipped two classes to nap and I still can't wait to sleep tonight!) I decided to sit down and relive the great memories from this past weekend. I met so many wonderful people, so I'm sure I'll leave a couple of you guys out here and there, which I apologize for. But YAY! Wincon, you guys! It was just the best experience ever and gosh - our fandom just rocks. Hard.

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So, that was the weekend!

Honestly, I cannot even put into words how AMAZING everyone was that I ran into and got a chance to talk to. This was the first fan-run, small, intimate convention I've ever been to, but it definitely will not be the last. DragonCon is great, but there's something about knowing EVERYONE that's so much better. There were some people I wish I had gotten more time to hang out with, but that's what next year is for, right? :P

WinCon 2007! hehe.
and Me, Nathan, Alan

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It's 1:20 and I am FINALLY back home after two very interesting plane rides. Seriously? This was the best WEEKEND EVER! I got to meet some wonderful, amazing people and just some of friendliest fans I have ever met.

I miss you all already! Eee!

Thank you thank you thank you to estrella30 for coming up with the con - you did an amazing job and it was the most fun I have had in, like - forever!

And what did this weekend prove? That our fandom WINS at EVERYTHING! Best fandom, best fangirls I have EVER experienced and I am already looking forward to next year!

OK...so I am off to eat a VERY late dinner (or very early breakfast).

*BIG group hug!!!*

ETA: And I totally have like 100 people to go say "Hi, remember me?" to and friend - which will happen tomorrow because I am just drained!