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So, here are the first two days at the con. I have LOTS of photos, video, and audio from the panels I went to. I wrote this up while I was there, at the end of each day, so it might sound weird reading all at once haha. I haven't really edited it yet to find out. :P

Thursday, 9/3/09:Collapse )

Friday 9/4/09. AKA The Shat and Nimoy Day!Collapse )

I'll post Saturday and Sunday tomorrow!
OK, so I'm finally sitting down and going through my photos and gathering my thoughts about this weekend.

This is the write up on Saturday, which y'know, deserves some more talky talk because Sam, Fred, and Nick were all INCREDBLE guests, Steve's concert was fantastic, (I heard Mark was too, but I didn't go to his panels), and all were wonderful people to meet!

First off, I'm reposting my photos with the boys and Sam that are now scanned in, my autographs, and how I spent tonight redecorating my walls and moving things around!

Photos with the boys!Collapse )

Saturday, November 10, 2007. Pictures AND Videos! Incredibly Image Heavy!Collapse )

Continued in Saturday Part 2...
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