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Picspam of the Plastics!

So, I really feel like shannenb, isisfrog, and I truly bonded over the weekend. We formed...The Plastics!

I was the girl whose boobs predict the weather!

Shannen is the girl whose hair is full of secrets!

Michelle is....catflap! (LiLo)

And we were pretty much snarky and sarcastic all weekend!

Anyway, here is a short picspam of our photo ops with the boys! They aren't perfect looking since we just set them on the bed to take a photo!

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The con is over and I'm leaving the hotel bright and early at 7:30 AM tomorrow! :( I hope everyone else on my flist has a safe trip back home and get ready for a ridiculous amount of con recaps!
and Me, Nathan, Alan

Better breakfast vid and some more about the panels!

OK, wait! Here we go! This took FOREVER! So please just send people this way!

Higher quality version of this morning's breakfast! And YES, they talk about some gayness with Sterling and Jared and Jensen filming it and "flexing in the mirror", and then Charlie the Unicorn, the SPN version!

Let's see...what else can I say about their panels? OH!

Jared made the Blue Steel face while Jensen hides his face in mock shame, Jared tried to pretend to be Jensen and answer questions by brushing his hair back from his face, and then Jensen did some imitations of Jared/Sam faces that are on his t-shirt!

They both talked in a serious Texas twang and have this TEXAN drawl conversation, Jensen crushed a water bottle and the top went flying, Jared says, "well, I'm not playin', sweetie" and it's kinda hot! They tell drunk stories about each other (Jared does the cutest dance on the stage when she first asks him). Jared says, "Hi (name here), I'm Jared" for everyone, as if we didn't know! :P

OH! And I forgot about this until I watched it! Collapse )

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Oh, and on a more serious note, they do have up to episode 12 as far as filming goes. Sam said that she heard they expect it to last anywhere from 5-12 months! We'll keep our fingers crossed for our show!

I'm doing this ALL out of order, but I'm doing the Jared and Jensen stuff while it's fresh in my mind, and I'm sure you all aren't complaining! I really will get to the bulk of things tomorrow afternoon.
and Me, Nathan, Alan



Today started at the ass crack of dawn and we all got pretty looking, got seated for breakfast, got food, and then THE BOYS CAME DOWN! And they were HILARIOUS! And pretty in coats! And Jared was all over Jensen :P (Seriously, you guys, he rubbed his sweat on him and then hugged him twice!) HAHA!

OMG I have video...let me show you it when I get home!

And then we had photo ops - which were a bit odd. But OMG Jared is TALL. Both he and Jensen were sitting down, and Jensen was a bit...still/asleep?, but Jared stood up for me! And I'm still below his head!

After that we had Jensen's Q and A, then Jared's Q and A (he interrupted Jensen with an "annomyous question on why Jared is hotter, smarter, and taller than Jensen" and it was too funny!), and then Jensen interrupted Jared's weariing a Sam Winchester shirt, and then one with them together. And they were jokes NONstop! Sitting together and just making fun of each other the WHOLE time!

JUST OMG both were incredible! I got autographs from both, and then I also passed Daneele and Sandy, and they are too pretty and tiny and cute.

So...I'm just a bit of a loss for words. Jared? OMG He's just so incredibly funny and such a let-me-cut-in-with-this-story guy! He just took over and was just - JARED! Loud and hilarious! And everything about them together that we see and read is just...OMG it's just completely true!

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And this is JUST the beginning! Photos will be better once I get home! And there will be some nice goodies for the flist!

I'm off to try and win some one-of-a-kind-swag from the auction!
and Me, Nathan, Alan

Chicago CreationCon Friday!

Hello from Chicago!

It's 9:50 CST and I'm sitting here, still trying to wake up, and getting incredibly excited about today's events.

My flight, for the first time EVER, arrived on time, and without any delays, and I still had my luggage! Getting out of O'Hare wasn't as much of a nightmare as I thought it might be, and once I got here, I was greeted by fangirls! What better welcoming committee than that? :)

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Anyway, if last night was any indication of things, this weekend is going to be INCREDIBLY awesome!

I'm headed down for breakfast right now! Be back later!"