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16 November 2009 @ 02:05 am
Hooray! Hahaha, well, it only took us 3 years to have a successfully non-wanky con, you guys! YAY! Sure there will always be people you can't please 100% of the time, but there were no cringe-worthy questions, no prying into personal business too much, and today ran on time and even was a bit ahead of schedule until the autographs and adding Julie.

So, here are the rest of my J2 photos for you all. You know me, I don't take too many photos but I wanted to share what I did take for everyone!

Jared and Jensen Sunday 2009 Breakfast and Panel. About 50 photos behind the cut!Collapse )

Do you guys like having the thumbnails better? Hopefully it's not too annoying. I figured it'll load faster for everyone that way!

Good night! Tomorrow we're going to the art institute! YAY!
14 November 2009 @ 10:18 pm
We took a break before the other two panels for the day, and Shannen and I sat in on the auction and snarked, which we ALWAYS do. I boo-ed at Twilight, but Gary heard some other guy sitting like 25 rows away, and called him on it, and not me hahaa.

Jim was up next, and he spoke a lot about having to deal with Bobby now being in the wheelchair, joked that he was lazy and that's why he did it. He spoke about his book and how it has helped others and was a bigger deal than he thought it would be. And he spoke some about Harper's Island and something he just finished with John Wayne's grandson, who happens to live across the street from him. He joked around a lot, wore a t-shirt that said "kill them all and let God sort it out" or something. I think it's interesting how interested and serious he is about Bobby being in a wheelchair, and how it brings a "reality" to it as he called it. Misha broke out into his panel and asked why Jim couldn't get dressed up and "at least wear a tie" since Misha was all formally dressed up. It was hilarious!

Then came Misha. Oh, what a guy. Hilarious, sarcastic and dry as hell, and witty, and just...fucks with everyone up there. He never even really answers any questions, he just diverts them and says whatever he wants to say. He insulted Australia and the people down there and how he was pissed he didn't get to see any kangaroos, joking completely of course, and spoke some about how boring it was being an intern in the White House. He started his panel talking about the bikini briefs story, and then later on during his panel Richard came out and they bitched about the pumpkin bikini brief story hahaha and together, they set the story straight. It was too funny! He spoke about yogurt and so many random, crazy things. He seems interested in how people become fans of things and do stuff like this and was asking us questions about it. (I swear, he's going to wind up writing a thesis about it hahaha) and mentioned a couple of the pranks that they've done and also mentioned that his first day of Cub Scouts he went with long, flowing platinum blonde hair and painted fingernails hahaha

After that we had photo ops. I had a duo of Misha and Jim, and it was super rushed. We'll get them back tomorrow afternoon.

Sorry this is so short and choppy, but that's all I can remember for the moment!

I think I really need to invest in a new camera in 2010, because there is this one line in ALL of my photos! Like, the lens is broken or something, so they all look like that with this line down the center of them.

Desert party is the last thing for tonight and then it's time for the boys!
16 November 2008 @ 08:51 pm
So, I took a nice nap in between the breakfast and the panels because that's when all of the photo ops were. It was NICE TO SLEEP! HAHA

Recaps and photos behind the cut - definitely image heavy!Collapse )

OK, so...if you want to use these images for anything, please ask me first. Do not repost these images (or anything else related to the convention) anywhere else without my permission first.
15 November 2008 @ 08:08 pm
If you want to use these images for anything, please ask me first. Do not repost these images (or anything else related to the convention) anywhere else without my permission first.

Saturday! YAY!

I officially <3 Malik (Mr. Whitfield) - he is gansta awesome HAHAHA. Seriously though, LOVE HIM.

So..like, my body disappears into the black part of the backdrop HAHA. I'll scan it in when I get home. HAHA shannenb and I were joking that we're clearly on a double date.

Saturday, a shortened write up of the day so far - WITH PHOTOS of Samantha and Charles Malik!Collapse )

More tomorrow, it's J2 day!!!!!! I'll have time to upload anything from the breakfast panel immediately after because I don't have photo ops, so be on the watch for something from me tomorrow morning!

And regarding the potential wank rumors going around, I don't know anything concrete. Honestly, I don't know how it could be Jensen because he most likely is NOT here. Jason himself said that Steve and his family wanted to go out with Jensen and Jared for dinner tonight. Honestly, I doubt they are staying at the host hotel and I doubt that they would just bring them in the main entrance when there are fans all over the place getting autographs, picking up photos, eating dinner in the main part of the hotel, etc. SO, I don't know anything (I honestly thought it would be Chad since his crazy ass grabbing drug guzzling fangirl from EyeCon is here) so I really think we need to NOT blow this out of proportion just yet (and yes, I'm well aware I'm probably saying this too late, but y'know...as far as I know, no one knows anything concrete just yet.)
14 November 2008 @ 10:40 pm
If you want to use these images for anything, please ask me first. Do not repost these images (or anything else related to the convention) anywhere else without my permission first.

We're here in Chicago and the con started this afternoon with Gabe Tigerman and Richard Speight, Jr. Both were hilarious!

Gabe talked about this indie film, "Skills Like This," and what he's working on now and how sad he was that Bobby has now driven the Metallicar. And he joked more about how sad it was that Andy died, he loved finding out he had an evil twin, and

Richard talked a lot about Band of Brothers and the soldier that he portrayed and how he researched the family background and found the soldier's parents and his first girlfriend. And he spoke about playing the Trickster, how his favorite Dean death in "Mystery Spot" was "do these fish tacos taste weird?" HAHA. This was his first convention, but he handled it so well and was great.

They both had a lot more to say, of course, but I'm working off 1 hour of sleep and that's all I can think of right now.

I got their autographs after and Gabe wrote "sorry I died," and Richard wrote "Fight On!" HAHA

Then we got dinner and they had the Jared Burger and the Jensen Fillet...haha, Jared was $9 and Jensen was $24 - how dare they make Jared so cheap! HAHA but we ALL got "Jared burgers, cheese, and fries, all around!" HAHA shannenb ordered it for us just like that! And then we got Dean-a-ritas for desert. Yes, the menus are all SPN-ed out.

Picspam of the Friday boys under the cutCollapse )

Tomorrow is Samantha Smith, Charles Malik Whitfield, and Chad Lindberg. shannenb and I are getting a group shot with the 3 of them and we had our duo shot with Gabe and Richard tonight. Now we are taking it easy in the room because we are all exhausted!
30 September 2008 @ 12:02 am
EyeCon Report

Video is slowly but surely going up!

Write Up and IMAGE heavy picspam behind the cut!Collapse )

OK, so those are my photos! I'm working on uploading video (Jared is going up first and then Ghostfacers and then Nikki video) and want to know if you all are interested in audio from the panels?

Poll #1269571 EyeCon

Do you want audio copies of the panels?

YES! All!
Just Jared please!
Just Jared and Ghostfacers!
No, just work on the video
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12 May 2008 @ 10:17 pm
Here is Sunday!

We woke up early - again! and went downstairs to get in line for the panels and THEN got breakfast. We had 2nd row seats for the entire con pretty much, they were great! AND they let us actually keep our seats, unlike last Sunday in 07.

Sunday's write up and PHOTOS!Collapse )

And now I'm in Glasgow. It's SO weird...it didn't get DARK out until after 9:30 or something! The room is nice, small and just right for me, and quiet and is across the street from this beautiful botanic garden and park. I sat in the sunshine this afternoon just relaxing and thinking "wow, I'm in Scotland." And the boys here are cute and have the most ridiculously amazing I-will-listen-to-you-read-the-dictionary-and-be-happy accents I've ever heard!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Glasgow Art Gallery and then SHOPPING! And to a Borders in hopes of finding the Torchwood books, since I just got an e-mail today saying that the books have been pushed back to a JULY 18 US release date.

I hope my flist is doing well! I haven't been on the internet for 4 days! *shock*

Now I'm off to watch Doctor Who and hope that Moonlight will finish downloading in the next few minutes! I gotta get caught up with my shows!
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12 May 2008 @ 09:43 pm

Hi Internets! I’m not dead...just the internet at the host hotel was $30 a day (£15), and there was no way I was paying that just for 24 hours of internet.

Anyway, I have missed my flist and my friends! However, I had a pretty awesome time at Asylum, and that was just the start of my vacation! If I've missed anything major in fandoms or general need-to-know, please comment and let me know!

My Mom drove me up to the airport and we got there around 8:00. My flight wasn’t leaving until 11:00, so I had plenty of time. What actually wound up happening was my flight getting delayed for an hour and a half because of the thunderstorm that was coming through the area. We finally got off the ground and started my flight to the UK!

Friday and Saturday under the cut! Some photos mixed in (but a larger picspam to follow)!Collapse )

Sunday coming ASAP!
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13 November 2007 @ 11:57 pm
I have the con crud from hell! I was feeling pretty icky on Sunday, but it's been worse since I've gotten back home. Clearly, the more fun you have a con, the worse the con crud that follows will be. :P

Anyway! Here is my write up for Sunday's amazing events! Mostly, it's just a picspam of all the good images I have of the boys! As you can see from previous posts, I spent most of the time recording, but I still wanted some photos.

Sunday! HUGE image picspam, not dial-up friendly AT ALL.Collapse )

Tomorrow morning I get to register for classes! I've always scheduled my classes so I have Thursday evenings completely free...but I guess it's not going to matter this year, huh? *sobs*

I totally miss my group of fangirls. What's the next con we're going to? Let's all go to EyeCon!
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OK, so I'm finally sitting down and going through my photos and gathering my thoughts about this weekend.

This is the write up on Saturday, which y'know, deserves some more talky talk because Sam, Fred, and Nick were all INCREDBLE guests, Steve's concert was fantastic, (I heard Mark was too, but I didn't go to his panels), and all were wonderful people to meet!

First off, I'm reposting my photos with the boys and Sam that are now scanned in, my autographs, and how I spent tonight redecorating my walls and moving things around!

Photos with the boys!Collapse )

Saturday, November 10, 2007. Pictures AND Videos! Incredibly Image Heavy!Collapse )

Continued in Saturday Part 2...
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OK! So...for those of you who have asked me how to save these vids or maybe they won't play for you, here is what you can do! Go to www.keepvid.com, use the permanent link for the video, and make sure you choose DailyMotion, and then save as a .flv file. Download the free FLV player and it will work!

Jensen's Panel:

Discussing filming emotional scenes and how he deals with it...I stopped and then it picks up right off with the 2nd part:

2 More Behind the CutCollapse )

Jared's Panel:

Jared acting like Jensen all serious faced and then "snots outta his nose on himself," his favorite love interest.

2 More Behind This CutCollapse )

Jared and Jensen:

Favorite episodes, getting sidetracked and making faces, their Texas twang!, Blue Steel, bad ass Sam developing, greatest fear, not pranking Fred, pranking Jim with his toes,

2 more behind the cut, the 2nd is the letter and coin from the Green beret, which is a true honor.Collapse )

Again, this took FOREVER to do, so if you can please send people this way, or at least keep my name with the videos, I'd really, really appreciate it!
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11 November 2007 @ 04:28 am
So, shannenb, isisfrog, and I just pulled an all nighter!

The breakfast was moved up to 6:30, so we all realized we needed to be downstairs by 6:00, which meant getting up at 5:00 AM.

Which meant that we decided it would be easier to get no sleep than get 2 hours.

Steve's concert (which was awesome, BTW) started an hour late, so that meant that the desert party was also late! Both Fred and Sam came around to each table, and by the time Sam got to ours, I was totally wasted and loud! BUT! Sam remembered my name (we bonded over both being left handed) and answered MY question! :P

BOYS are so soon! I'm going to fall asleep, but it'll be okay as long as I can make it through their panels. THEN NAP.
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24 October 2007 @ 01:19 am

Creation has a bunch of new photos that you can order in 8x10 sizes. And I'm pretty sure that I've never seen these images before!

More behind the cut! BOYS!Collapse )

Oh man, I totally want the first five!

But, yeah...I think that Creation has been printing a bunch of new SPN images in preparation for autographs at the con. While I'm bringing my own things to get signed, I'm sure many will be buying photos like these for Jared and Jensen to sign.

OMG I'm so sorry I keep posting. I'll totally stop now.
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04 September 2007 @ 09:59 pm
So...sitting in my chair, scanning in photos, and then making a picspam cheered me up a bit! I'm still upset and freaking out, but here we go with a picspam of my autographs and photos I had taken and bought over DragonCon weekend.

I LOVE James Marsters! Also, SPN photos and trading cards!Collapse )

OK, so tomorrow I will try to post some picspams and info about the actual convention!
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23 July 2007 @ 03:33 pm
DUDE. My SPN calendar came today and it is indeed filled with THE PRETTY.

They totally know how to make us fangirls happy - there is a 2 page length centerfold in the center of the calendar! Of course, you can't really take it out until after July 2008, but it's a POSTER in a calendar. How awesome is that?

I really want to buy another one and collage ALL the images on my wall. There are small images at the bottom of each month that are themed by a certain episode and I want to cut them all out and line my doorway paneling with them.


The other 11 months behind the cut! I'm sorry for the lousy lighting in my room!Collapse )

So until January, I'm just going to leave it hanging on the poster! Wheee! It's an awesome calendar, definitely get one for yourself!
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23 March 2007 @ 04:02 am
I haven't done a picspam for an entire episode, or at least my favorite parts, in a LONG time! But the torrent came through pretty quick and I get to sleep in tomorrow so I'm doing it as an excuse to rewatch the episode while getting caps at the same time. And watching it for a second time affected me SO much more than the first. GAH there were tears this time.

One of my favorite episodes. Period. A TON of images, I'm not even joking!Collapse )
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28 April 2006 @ 11:23 pm
And we're back with Part 2 of the never-ending picspam for the 2nd to last episode of the season! (And I say season because I REFUSE to believe that this show won't be here in September. I REFUSE!)

So, here we go with more quotes, a LOT of screen caps - especially y'know, THAT scene - and explanations of the happenings.

OMG this SHOW! The pretty!Collapse )

Is it Thursday yet?
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28 April 2006 @ 11:11 pm
Can you believe it? Only ONE episode left after last night's amazing, wonderful, OMGWTF is happening now?! episode! I got the torrent finished this morning and watched it after class, caps and all were done after work - so here we go with picspam, quotes, and review time!

And actually, this one got so image heavy (as in over 100) that I decided to split it up in two posts - that way my friends on dialup or slower connections won't have to wait a week for all of the caps to load. The second 1/2 is coming up right after this one!

These boys own my soul! TONS of pictures under this cut, very image-heavy.Collapse )

Part Two is coming right up!
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27 April 2006 @ 10:47 pm
So...I finished my second of my two four page papers due next Monday (YAY ME!) so I took some time out to rewatch "Dead Man's Blood" since I recorded it on my TV Sunday morning and hadn't gotten to watch it on TV yet. Which got me thinking about the SPN-verse's vamps in general, and naturally comparing and contrasting them to the Buffy-verse vamps. I'm obsessed with vampires, and I have been since my first day of Buffy. So I don't know if I'm totally wanting to look into it more than I should, but I couldn't help but thinking about this stuff while watching "DMB."

'Most vampire lore is crap.' SPN vs. Buffy vamps and the question of a conscienceCollapse )
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I downloaded the torrent while I was sleeping last night and woke up early just to watch it before class and work. So, I decided what better way to spend my post-work evening than blessing you all with a picspam! YAY! My love for this show knows NO bounds! The obsession is like BUFFY but crazier! YAY for insane!awesome fandom! OMG we only have TWO more episodes left and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself with no new Supernatural episodes! (I guess I'll just read some fan fiction...) ;)

Dead Man's Blood quotes, screen caps, and my own thoughts. You know you love my picspam reviews! 80+ images under the cut, so very image heavy.Collapse )

WHEW! That took forever! But it was so worth it!
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17 April 2006 @ 07:42 pm
So, after watching the latest Supernatural episode a couple of times over the weekend (OK...three) I have decided that while I did like the episode alright, it definitely wasn't as strong as the hilarious pranks in "Hell House" or the Dean!angst in "Something Wicked." My thoughts plus caps are behind the cut.

I love these boys! 30+ images under the cut.Collapse )

And crossing my fingers that I'll have another post before the night is through...
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01 April 2006 @ 01:10 am
So, the obsession continues! Instead of reading through this book I need to (eventually) read for history, I opened Jasc Animation Shop and played around with creating some new Supernatural icons! They aren't anything special, but it was fun playing around with techniques and so on.

Icons from "Hell House" - AKA Sexy!Sam and Prankster Brothers!
1. Image hosting by Photobucket 2. Image hosting by Photobucket
7 More behind this cut!Collapse )

And how pointless, yet fun, is this "Current Location" thing?
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31 March 2006 @ 03:20 pm
Yay, the torrent for last night's SPN finished this afternoon and I just finished watching it - a couple times. OMG, my love for this show knows no bounds!

GUH! Sammy. Is. HOT. I believe this was the theme of this episodeCollapse )
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