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Kristin's SOS Update

I was voting again for Kristin's Save One Show voting campaign and saw that she had updated tonight saying this:

"As of today, the leading shows (in alphabetical order) are Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Supernatural and Veronica Mars. The top two are in a tight race for first, and the other three are in a tight race for second. So, every vote counts, and we're counting every vote!"

So WHEEEE SPN is pretty high up there, and we MIGHT be in that tie for first! I, personally, think this show is a shoo in for a third season because it's the best thing the CW has, retention rates from SV are very good, and the fanbase might be smaller but we're crazy!intense and they know that. And with comics, tie-in novels, and an official S1 guide coming out, I don't think they'd put this extra money into merch if it wasn't highly likely that the show will be renewed. (OMG I can't imagine going to Con in May with the show NOT renewed!)

But it'd still be sweet if we won the SOS vote, so keep spreading the word and get all your flist to vote for SPN!

Vote Every Day!
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