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FYI and Yay!

So, I got my new laptop the other night! I'm COMPLETELY BROKE now (and worried about May...I hate to say it, but I'm actually really, really worried), but I needed a new laptop like, right away, since my other one crashed. Fandom aside, I cannot function without a laptop for classes and life in general.

Yay! And I've got a "Driver Picks the Music, Shotgun Shuts his Cakehole" sticker already on the front! :P

The situation right now is that I have all my files stored on an external drive that is not in the correct format for Macs. So, I owe people some files and things, and I want to update my websites and try to figure out what is wrong with Sinister Attraction, but I can't make any changes to files on the external until I get it reformatted for my Mac, and that won't be until Sunday at the earliest. So, once I get the drive in the correct format, I'll seriously start looking into why Sinister Attraction is virus infested (especially since I hear Spuffy sites are dropping like flies), get Poetic Attraction back online, and update Sinful Desire. I PROMISE YOU GUYS, NO MORE LAZYING ABOUT.