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28 April 2006 @ 11:23 pm
And we're back with Part 2 of the never-ending picspam for the 2nd to last episode of the season! (And I say season because I REFUSE to believe that this show won't be here in September. I REFUSE!)

So, here we go with more quotes, a LOT of screen caps - especially y'know, THAT scene - and explanations of the happenings.

OMG this SHOW! The pretty!Collapse )

Is it Thursday yet?
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28 April 2006 @ 11:11 pm
Can you believe it? Only ONE episode left after last night's amazing, wonderful, OMGWTF is happening now?! episode! I got the torrent finished this morning and watched it after class, caps and all were done after work - so here we go with picspam, quotes, and review time!

And actually, this one got so image heavy (as in over 100) that I decided to split it up in two posts - that way my friends on dialup or slower connections won't have to wait a week for all of the caps to load. The second 1/2 is coming up right after this one!

These boys own my soul! TONS of pictures under this cut, very image-heavy.Collapse )

Part Two is coming right up!
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I downloaded the torrent while I was sleeping last night and woke up early just to watch it before class and work. So, I decided what better way to spend my post-work evening than blessing you all with a picspam! YAY! My love for this show knows NO bounds! The obsession is like BUFFY but crazier! YAY for insane!awesome fandom! OMG we only have TWO more episodes left and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself with no new Supernatural episodes! (I guess I'll just read some fan fiction...) ;)

Dead Man's Blood quotes, screen caps, and my own thoughts. You know you love my picspam reviews! 80+ images under the cut, so very image heavy.Collapse )

WHEW! That took forever! But it was so worth it!
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17 April 2006 @ 07:42 pm
So, after watching the latest Supernatural episode a couple of times over the weekend (OK...three) I have decided that while I did like the episode alright, it definitely wasn't as strong as the hilarious pranks in "Hell House" or the Dean!angst in "Something Wicked." My thoughts plus caps are behind the cut.

I love these boys! 30+ images under the cut.Collapse )

And crossing my fingers that I'll have another post before the night is through...
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16 April 2006 @ 03:09 pm
I took a bit of time last night and this afternoon and worked on Sinful Desire! Well, so much for my plans to update SA next! (Hope my Spuffy friends aren't too upset!) I command all of my Wincest friends to go! :P

Sinful Desire
Sinful Desire
Sinful Desire

And we finally have some vids too!

You know you wanna go drool over the pretty boys!
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10 April 2006 @ 11:49 am
Yay! I finally got around to updating Sinful Desire (Our Sam/Dean site) this morning! (Next up - Sinister Attraction, for sure!)

I'm counting down the days until this semester is over - just a little over three weeks is left! And then I'll have RENT and a trip to Atlanta with my Mom (where we'll be seeing Wicked!!) to look forward to!

Oh well...kinda a pointless post unless you keep up with my Wincest site, but y'know...it's good to let people here know!
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02 April 2006 @ 08:36 pm
impertinence and I have a first class ticket to the Special Hell because we've been working on a Sam/Dean site for the past couple of weeks and it's finally open!!

So maybe my Spuffy friends won't get the hotness that is Wincest, but my Supernatural ones will (well, y'know...some). :P We're having fun finding stories, artwork, and other things for this site. impertinence has been a HUGE help e-mailing people for stories/art/etc. and with ideas! She gets a gold star for all of her lists and big help!

Here's what you need to know:
(Shh, yes I know it's similar to Sinister Attraction but this is smarter b/c it's an "S" for Sam and "D" for Dean!)

It's pretty small right now, but I plan to change that very soon.

There is a S/D fic rec'd site, a S/D fanfiction archive site, and a S/D fanart site, but I'm pretty sure this is the first all-encompassing 'shipper site (please correct me if I'm wrong in my thinking this!) and our goal is to make it the best of the best! So, to all my SPN friends, please spread the word! Even if you don't like Wincest, if you have LJ friends who do, please let them know! We're accepting anything Wincest and Jsquared RPS related - fiction, artwork, ideas...you name it, we want it here!

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01 April 2006 @ 01:10 am
So, the obsession continues! Instead of reading through this book I need to (eventually) read for history, I opened Jasc Animation Shop and played around with creating some new Supernatural icons! They aren't anything special, but it was fun playing around with techniques and so on.

Icons from "Hell House" - AKA Sexy!Sam and Prankster Brothers!
1. Image hosting by Photobucket 2. Image hosting by Photobucket
7 More behind this cut!Collapse )

And how pointless, yet fun, is this "Current Location" thing?
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31 March 2006 @ 03:20 pm
Yay, the torrent for last night's SPN finished this afternoon and I just finished watching it - a couple times. OMG, my love for this show knows no bounds!

GUH! Sammy. Is. HOT. I believe this was the theme of this episodeCollapse )
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