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and Me, Nathan, Alan

First half of Saturday CreationCon 2009

This morning we had Richard's panel and then Aldis' panel before lunch. After lunch it's Jim and Misha!

Richard was hilarious! He joked about being the "call at the last minute" replacement guest and then spent a lot of time talking about Changing Channels and working on that, how he loved the plot twist, and really enjoyed the sitcom scene a lot. He really enjoyed all of them, but especially that. Oh! And how about that it was ME who was yawning during his panel and he saw me and called me out on it! hahahaha. I just about DIED of embarrassment when he said that!

His funniest story was that after he filmed the CSI scene, the guy who was another cop left and said, "hey I left something for you as a goodbye gift." So Richard goes and sitting in his trailer was a pair of pumpkin colored bikini briefs and he's all WTF?! So he goes around asking to see what was up, and then the guys in the production department give him the actual gift - beers and a thank you card. So, then he naturally assumes that this is a prank from Jared and Jensen. And he joked about having to look up at them to ask and they looked down and said no it wasn't them. So, he can't figure it out. So finally, a guy from the department comes and says, "look we know whose underwear it is." And it's Misha's! hahahaha and Misha told him it was from a fan! And he was eating soup and spilled it all on his outfit, so when they washed it they thought that the underwear was from Richard, so that's why it was in his trailer! So he goes to the underwear and writes something like "This smells like Cass" on the back of it hahahaha. WIN.

Then Aldis was on, who was hilarious! He spoke a lot about Leverage, the technical parts of filming the fight scene in Supernatural, there was a lot of talk about him now knowing how to do some of the things they're doing on Leverage. And he told a prank that Beth played on everyone where there were stickers on their trailers and Chris had "Daddy's girl" and Aldis had "Princess" and Jeri Ryan had "Warning: Blonde Thinking" or something and it took them a week to figure out it was Beth. And then they cut parts of the stickers off so Chris' now says "Daddy" and Aldis' is "Prince." But he said he was having fun on Leverage - and seems like everyone there likes playing pranks too! Aldis was great and called his girlfriend when a girl asked "who would play your leading lady" and he said "my girlfriend" and he told us "this is getting me major brownie points." hahaha.

When I was going back to the room, Aldis was in the same elevator as me. He seems like a really nice guy. I said his panel was hilarious and I enjoyed it.

and Me, Nathan, Alan

CreationCon 2008 Friday, Day #1

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We're here in Chicago and the con started this afternoon with Gabe Tigerman and Richard Speight, Jr. Both were hilarious!

Gabe talked about this indie film, "Skills Like This," and what he's working on now and how sad he was that Bobby has now driven the Metallicar. And he joked more about how sad it was that Andy died, he loved finding out he had an evil twin, and

Richard talked a lot about Band of Brothers and the soldier that he portrayed and how he researched the family background and found the soldier's parents and his first girlfriend. And he spoke about playing the Trickster, how his favorite Dean death in "Mystery Spot" was "do these fish tacos taste weird?" HAHA. This was his first convention, but he handled it so well and was great.

They both had a lot more to say, of course, but I'm working off 1 hour of sleep and that's all I can think of right now.

I got their autographs after and Gabe wrote "sorry I died," and Richard wrote "Fight On!" HAHA

Then we got dinner and they had the Jared Burger and the Jensen Fillet...haha, Jared was $9 and Jensen was $24 - how dare they make Jared so cheap! HAHA but we ALL got "Jared burgers, cheese, and fries, all around!" HAHA shannenb ordered it for us just like that! And then we got Dean-a-ritas for desert. Yes, the menus are all SPN-ed out.

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Tomorrow is Samantha Smith, Charles Malik Whitfield, and Chad Lindberg. shannenb and I are getting a group shot with the 3 of them and we had our duo shot with Gabe and Richard tonight. Now we are taking it easy in the room because we are all exhausted!