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Picspam! New!old images of the boys?

Creation has a bunch of new photos that you can order in 8x10 sizes. And I'm pretty sure that I've never seen these images before!

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Oh man, I totally want the first five!

But, yeah...I think that Creation has been printing a bunch of new SPN images in preparation for autographs at the con. While I'm bringing my own things to get signed, I'm sure many will be buying photos like these for Jared and Jensen to sign.

OMG I'm so sorry I keep posting. I'll totally stop now.
and Me, Nathan, Alan

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WTF is going on with LJ?! I thought this whole thing was a hoax!

Well, I have two three things to cheer everyone up and get our minds of the insanity that is LJ being an ass.


When I ordered the magazine I accidentally hit "Back" once, so I was worried I would get like 4 or 6 of them, but I had 2 - both with the SPN cover! YAY! - in my mailbox this afternoon!

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2. And in a totally different fandom (but one I know is beloved by many on my flist), here is a clip that is guarenteed to make you laugh! It's from Firefly in the VERY extended gag reel that SHOULD have been on the DVD set but was not. (Seriously? We wuz robbed with the cut that made it onto the DVDs)

If you've listened to the commentary for "The Message" or heard about it at a convention, you'll get what's going on. If not, basically, Tim Minear was filming in a continuous circle to get reaction shots to a long monologue from Jonathan M. Woodward. Just watch and laugh.

3. OK, so this story might not cheer you up (in fact, probably the opposite), but it's just hurty and angsty and just OMG BOYS. And YES it's on fanfiction.net but GO READ IT.

Still Life by Rose of No Man's Land.
Summary: John Winchester sold his soul for damaged goods, and Sam’s the one shouldering the burden now. A weird, twisted, Somersault-in-reverse kind of deal! Set after In My Time of Dying.

Basically, a (and I kinda hate the word, but...) limp!Dean fic (which I've never read before. Sam is the one who always gets the brain trauma for whatever reason). "Somersault" is her much longer limp!Sam story and both just make my heart ache. Both are Wincest but the main focus is on Sam and Dean taking care of each other, helping and loving each other, and being there no matter what.