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OK, so I renamed my YouTube vids so you can easily watch them in order! I have 1 more from Jared (that will take a bit longer b/c I have to split the file) and then I'll start some other things...

And I'm getting ready to get back to studying, but I took a break to scan in my photo ops! I'm still waiting on one more from Froggy, my photo with me and Shannen and Sandy.

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Please don't repost these anywhere...send people over to my journal for all things eyecon. And please don't make me have to watermark the photos I'm getting ready to put up. If you want to use them for icons, PLEASE ask me first.

More tomorrow after class!

Also? David Archuletta singing "Angels" was the BEST song on tonight by far! He's just SO cute and talented!
and Me, Nathan, Alan

Picspam of the Plastics!

So, I really feel like shannenb, isisfrog, and I truly bonded over the weekend. We formed...The Plastics!

I was the girl whose boobs predict the weather!

Shannen is the girl whose hair is full of secrets!

Michelle is....catflap! (LiLo)

And we were pretty much snarky and sarcastic all weekend!

Anyway, here is a short picspam of our photo ops with the boys! They aren't perfect looking since we just set them on the bed to take a photo!

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The con is over and I'm leaving the hotel bright and early at 7:30 AM tomorrow! :( I hope everyone else on my flist has a safe trip back home and get ready for a ridiculous amount of con recaps!