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Back in RVA :( And a small picspam!


I'm back in Richmond and am completely exhausted! I'm going to go to bed and will post videos tomorrow and get back to all those comments! :P

But, I do have a quick picspam of Sunday's happenings that black_regalia, baileytc, and I thought really hard on creating. ;)

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Seriously? A weekend I will NEVER EVER forget. Now I'm gonna want to rent "A Few Good Men" but I KNOW I'm gonna sit there and go "I just don't see Tom Cruise as Kaffee...that's Jensen's role!" He did an amazing job and it was so great to see us fans so appreciative and NOT crazy like at Asylum. I've decided the best parts were whenever Jensen was yelling at anyone. :P

But now I have used up my 2 yearly "HI JENSEN I'M HERE!" passes and must STOP THE STALKING. ;) (caliicokat...I think it should be 2 monthly times...) Hee!

Good night!