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(You KNOW you're jealous!) Heeee!

Here is my write up for AsylumCon Day 2. Report and picspam - VERY image heavy, especially with Jensen's panel.

Here is all my LOOT from the weekend! (Well, minus a couple photos that are being mailed to my house). I had to take photos of them since I'm lacking a scanner, but will probably scan them in for better quality when we get home.

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OK, so here is the GOOD stuff! (Including the video of Allison singing!)

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OK, so that was it for the con! It was AMAZING and WOW. The US needs a SPN con, seriously.

I know I'm missing info and quotes from the actors, but I'm absolutely exhausted, so I will try to add all of that soon. And I promise I will try to get the clips online somehow - that is, if you don't mind my stupid laughter/a sneeze/and talky talk in the background? Let me know?

Oh! And P.S. Jared is a blonde.
and Me, Nathan, Alan

AsylumCon Day 1

SO! THE day of all days! 700 fangirls, 7 actors. Endless ways for everything to go wrong. (Ahem…)

Surprisingly, things went rather smooth the entire day (*sigh* with the exception of one thing...see my post for more). It was chaos at the very beginning of the day but once people started catching on to where they were supposed to go when, it got a lot better.

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Feel free to share this post with others who might be interested in the con! It's not f-locked!