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A few more photos for the end of the day

Hooray! Hahaha, well, it only took us 3 years to have a successfully non-wanky con, you guys! YAY! Sure there will always be people you can't please 100% of the time, but there were no cringe-worthy questions, no prying into personal business too much, and today ran on time and even was a bit ahead of schedule until the autographs and adding Julie.

So, here are the rest of my J2 photos for you all. You know me, I don't take too many photos but I wanted to share what I did take for everyone!

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Do you guys like having the thumbnails better? Hopefully it's not too annoying. I figured it'll load faster for everyone that way!

Good night! Tomorrow we're going to the art institute! YAY!
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Breakfast and J2 Panel Chicago 2009

This was all typed up SUPER fast so I'm sorry if there are any typos/errors/completely wrong info. I'll come back and fix it later tonight!

The breakfast was a lot of fun! The boys came out at 9:00 and stayed for about a half hour and they were funny! They spoke a lot about Changing Channels and the last episode that just aired. They spoke about working with some of the guest stars. They joked about getting new mopeds and that the ones that they had had before were for 13 years and under and 120 pounds and under, so they have grown up ones now.

They ended with telling a story about an upcoming episode where Samantha Ferris (OMG sorry, I had Smith up herer at first! Wrong Sam!) almost killing them with a prop gun loaded with blanks and how it got jammed and she was waving it around in front of them as she panicked over what was wrong, and then freaked out over THEM panicking. Jared kept playing with the microphone again - and it broke apart in the middle. Every time he touched the mic it would have bad static, so Jensen had to slap his hands away. A few people asked questions, and it was very chill.

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Short Recaps of J, J, and J2 panels!

So, I took a nice nap in between the breakfast and the panels because that's when all of the photo ops were. It was NICE TO SLEEP! HAHA

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OK, so...if you want to use these images for anything, please ask me first. Do not repost these images (or anything else related to the convention) anywhere else without my permission first.
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Jared and Jensen Breakfast! ChicagoCon 2008

If you want to use these images for anything, please ask me first. Do not repost these images (or anything else related to the convention) anywhere else without my permission first.

JARED AND JENSEN WERE FANTASTIC! And we haven't had their actual panels yet!

They were both chill and hilarious and Jensen seemed really, really relaxed and more interactive this time, and Jared was stuffing ice packs into his pants and then chest shirt pockets that a fangirl gave him because we were discussing him being all sweaty. They spoke about this season, so in the upcoming video, there are spoilers for an upcoming episode. They were asking us where we were from. They were joking about Jensen having to wear "nut hugger" jeans for an upcoming episode and Jensen was all "Dean, Dean, Dean" all disapprovingly when they were talking about him eating.

Someone gave Jared Lilith's head on a plate - literally, it was like a barbie doll head on a paper plate! HAHA Jared got a good laugh about that. And Jared was all "Does anybody have any food?" and he starts sniffing the air.

Jared did mention Harley and Samantha's dog, and that the boys found some YouTube videos of Friday's panels before coming down for the con to see how it was going HAHA. Jared was all, "I want everyone to meet my dogs, we should bring them with us" and he said they would eat all our food. We kept asking for Jensen to reenact the Eye of the Tiger and they both explained how it really was a spur of the moment thing and that they both went for it and let him film it to the end, and the reason for two cameras (which made some people think that it wasn't impromptu) was that they were filming for real but Jared didn't walk to his mark, he wanted to see what Jensen would do.

They talked about some magicians and that they couldn't figure their tricks out. And Jensen was joking that Jared looked like he was going to crush Genevieve's head in that scene HAHA and Jared came up with this ridiculous bobble head girly laugh that was "Sam's new laugh" HAHA

I'm sure there is more, but that's all my brain can think of at the moment!

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So, it's gonna take a while for anything else to show up, the internet connection is so slow, but keep checking that link or my LJ.

ETA: And can I just don my tin hat for a few seconds here? Jared was all rambly about things and Jensen just kinda stood there with this goofy "OMG here he goes again," smile on his face and they seem so relaxed and comfortable with each other SQUEEEEE! OK, tin hat is off and hidden again :P
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Today started at the ass crack of dawn and we all got pretty looking, got seated for breakfast, got food, and then THE BOYS CAME DOWN! And they were HILARIOUS! And pretty in coats! And Jared was all over Jensen :P (Seriously, you guys, he rubbed his sweat on him and then hugged him twice!) HAHA!

OMG I have video...let me show you it when I get home!

And then we had photo ops - which were a bit odd. But OMG Jared is TALL. Both he and Jensen were sitting down, and Jensen was a bit...still/asleep?, but Jared stood up for me! And I'm still below his head!

After that we had Jensen's Q and A, then Jared's Q and A (he interrupted Jensen with an "annomyous question on why Jared is hotter, smarter, and taller than Jensen" and it was too funny!), and then Jensen interrupted Jared's weariing a Sam Winchester shirt, and then one with them together. And they were jokes NONstop! Sitting together and just making fun of each other the WHOLE time!

JUST OMG both were incredible! I got autographs from both, and then I also passed Daneele and Sandy, and they are too pretty and tiny and cute.

So...I'm just a bit of a loss for words. Jared? OMG He's just so incredibly funny and such a let-me-cut-in-with-this-story guy! He just took over and was just - JARED! Loud and hilarious! And everything about them together that we see and read is just...OMG it's just completely true!

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And this is JUST the beginning! Photos will be better once I get home! And there will be some nice goodies for the flist!

I'm off to try and win some one-of-a-kind-swag from the auction!
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Jensen in Hollywood Life - huge scans!

I went out tonight and found ONE LONE copy of Hollywood Life at my B&N - whew! So what it's only three FOUR! photos - PINK AND STUBBLE. YUM.

Here's the top blurb for the shoot:

"Who's got the heat? These six fine young things do. They may be posing as the leisurely set here, chicly lounging away the summer days, but don't be fooled - the careers of these busy young Hollywooders are burning up."

And there is this bit about Jensen:

"Names like Jensen Ackles, who, after stealing scenes on the TV shows Dark Angel and Smallville, is now patrolling America's highways, winning hearts and vanquishing demons on the CW's Thursday night hit Supernatural. We'd love to see his Dean Winchester face off against Candice Wilmer, the creepy shape-shifter on NBC's Heroes..."

See that? "Thursday night hit." :D

And I liked this too (cries a little bit for Drive):

"Starting up her own engines is Emma Stone, one of the stars of the new FOX show Drive, about a group of people competing in an illegal cross-country road race (maybe she should keep an eye out for the Winchesters)."

"These rising thesps know that Young Hollywood is nothing if not competitive, and they are determined to succeed. We're rooting for them."

Different photo! This is on the Table of Contents page at the beginning of the magazine.

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*drools all over keyboard*

But seriously, I hope the guy is getting some much needed rest before filming starts up again. And I wish we had some new photoshoots from Jared!
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Woops! So apparently I had another video!


So, I was moving files from my camera to my hard drive and opened one that was the very beginning of when Jensen comes out after the Saturday 8:00 show that I didn't even know I had! The thumbnail icon was black, so I thought it was either a photo or an audio recording.

Anyway! Here he is right when he comes out, yelling at Lou to "run, baby, run!" and muttering "something about the uniform" and talking about "keep watching [SPN] we need all the help we can get" and "All RIGHT! Pulling more fans!" re: the two old ladies who will now watch SPN. :P You can't see it on the video, but he does this like...fist shake of triumph when he said that. SO CUTE.

And how OMGSWEET is it that HE is the one saying "thank you" over and over?

They need to create a digital camera that will record AND you can still take photos at the same time! I was torn over what I wanted more - photos or video?
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Video from stage door signings!

So, here we go with the 2 videos I have from Saturday's stage door signings.

Here he is at the 2:00 show. Um...please IGNORE calicokat and my conversation. Haha. I'm so embarressed to be posting this video but y'know - JENSEN.

And here is the 8:00 signing. There are NO lights around the Stage Door area, so it was nearly impossible to see him unless there were flashes going off - which was frequently however. But there are a few great seconds of him smiling and answering our questions.

Re-watching it, I just love that he checks twice to see if "we're all good" and then says, "go home and get some sleep!"

AMAZING weekend! AMAZING friends! We must convince Jensen to do a play every summer in a different city!
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So, here is my last bunch of stuff from Jensen's Saturday panel at the con. Again, I request that you PLEASE credit me for the videos and DO NOT HOTLINK THE AUDIO FILES IN YOUR OWN JOURNAL. If you want to share them, please credit me and upload them to your own server or a place like megaupload or sendsapce. DO NOT DIRECTLY LINK. (People already have for Sunday's files and I'm most likely going to have to remove them because of it. Please don't ruin the fun for everyone else.)

And for those who asked about typing out a transcript? Well, it's something I can do, but not until I get back into the States. I know it can sometimes be hard to hear, but most of the time it's not too bad...I would play around with your audio or speaker settings to see if you can get additional clarity. And if you want to save the videos to your hard drive, I recommend saving them through www.keepvid.com, which is pretty easy to get direct links for download.

And WOW, I'm behind with the five million comments I have, but I promise I'll get to you all!

Jensen talking about Jared and his call to Tom Welling:

Jensen about Kripke's mastermind:

Jensen about working on the set:

And then I got snapped at about filming the panel - HEY! Folks who were at the con! Didn't you just LOVE how the ONLY panel they cared about people filming was Jensen's? /sarcasm. Either let us film or all or don't let us film it all, but being all picky like that was annoying as hell. And since we're never going to get a real DVD of the convention (Because...well...look at the guy in charge of things), what's the harm? So, I switched to audio. OMG I'm so sorry I'm screaming and laughing (like a fangirl).

"Jared and I have found that it's better to stick together as a team."
A practical joke on Jared! :P In this clip: his naughtiest scene, discussing getting "Ten Inch Hero" released, playing another character, how many seasons, and what he's afraid of (which is quite funny).

"The day of the bees."
  • "Alright, bring in the boys!"
  • "I remember the beekeeper saying, 'OK, now these are docile bees. They're not aggressive. They're not gonna want to sting ya unless they're provoked. So, just stay calm. If you don't provoke them, if you're not aggressive to them, they're not going to be aggressive towards you. So, I go, 'question in the back here? When they yell, 'action,' I'm supposed to freak out. Doesn't go along the lines of staying calm. Is that going to be a problem?' And I'll never forget it, this is his response...'sssssss'"
  • "A bee decides to fly right up my jacket and down my shorts. And I didn't know it was there, until it stung me in the ass."
  • "I could feel it, like, pumping, and this just is not right."

    You guys! It's 7:39 minutes! Of NOTHING but The Bee Story. Oh Jensen. So many great lines in this clip, I'm tellin' ya. <3

    "Don't get me wrong, I love you guys to death, I wouldn't be here without you."
  • "You want to jam out tonight?" - Jason
    "Oh, you're gonna pay for that one, bud." - Jensen
  • "I'm VERY nervous" (About his play) "I haven't been on stage in 11 years, so I hope it'll come back to me, I hope it's like riding a bike. But I am very nervous, it's a lot of dialogue."
    In this clip: singing with his friends, believing in the supernatural, his favorite episode, Dean's best and worst moments, roles he regrets, about A Few Good Men, his personal life, Dean lines, and influences.

    OK! So...I still have video panels from Justin and Alan, Justin's Sunday panel (which is hilarious!), Alona, Nicki and Brooke, and then the 3 SPN gals together. If anyone is interested in me uploading that for your viewing enjoyment, let me know!
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    AsylumCon Day 2 write up coming soon!


    MY LOOT! And I think I died when Jensen smiled at me.

    Allison sang and she was AMAZING.

    DUDE. Jensen, Jared, Kim Manners, and Kripke all know about the Wincest. And he and Jared and looked at it together.

    Um...more as soon as I go through the photos and get stuff uploaded.