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Better breakfast vid and some more about the panels!

OK, wait! Here we go! This took FOREVER! So please just send people this way!

Higher quality version of this morning's breakfast! And YES, they talk about some gayness with Sterling and Jared and Jensen filming it and "flexing in the mirror", and then Charlie the Unicorn, the SPN version!

Let's see...what else can I say about their panels? OH!

Jared made the Blue Steel face while Jensen hides his face in mock shame, Jared tried to pretend to be Jensen and answer questions by brushing his hair back from his face, and then Jensen did some imitations of Jared/Sam faces that are on his t-shirt!

They both talked in a serious Texas twang and have this TEXAN drawl conversation, Jensen crushed a water bottle and the top went flying, Jared says, "well, I'm not playin', sweetie" and it's kinda hot! They tell drunk stories about each other (Jared does the cutest dance on the stage when she first asks him). Jared says, "Hi (name here), I'm Jared" for everyone, as if we didn't know! :P

OH! And I forgot about this until I watched it! Collapse )

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Oh, and on a more serious note, they do have up to episode 12 as far as filming goes. Sam said that she heard they expect it to last anywhere from 5-12 months! We'll keep our fingers crossed for our show!

I'm doing this ALL out of order, but I'm doing the Jared and Jensen stuff while it's fresh in my mind, and I'm sure you all aren't complaining! I really will get to the bulk of things tomorrow afternoon.