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Laptop <3! And J2 <3

I FINALLY have my laptop back! YAY! Even better? It was so messed up that after sending it off twice and having them do NOTHING to it, as well as getting my mom involved (whose stern voice probably did help), I actually got a brand new one! It completely stumped the head Geek Squad guy and a manager. So I spent my weekend re-installing all of my programs and settings.

And tonight I got to model in Cache's fall/winter fashion show at the mall I work at. I had four great outfits (and wound up buying one for myself @ 20% off for modeling) and it was a lot of fun! I got my make-up done by a Mary Kay director and I was the first and the last model out on the runway. So, all in all I felt pretty great.

And finally, since I can't have a post without something fandom related...

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I LOVE our boys!

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