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EyeCon Part Deux Report!

EyeCon Report

Video is slowly but surely going up!

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OK, so those are my photos! I'm working on uploading video (Jared is going up first and then Ghostfacers and then Nikki video) and want to know if you all are interested in audio from the panels?

Poll #1269571 EyeCon

Do you want audio copies of the panels?

YES! All!
Just Jared please!
Just Jared and Ghostfacers!
No, just work on the video
and Me, Nathan, Alan

Saturday Con Write Up! Picspam and Videospam! Part 1

OK, so I'm finally sitting down and going through my photos and gathering my thoughts about this weekend.

This is the write up on Saturday, which y'know, deserves some more talky talk because Sam, Fred, and Nick were all INCREDBLE guests, Steve's concert was fantastic, (I heard Mark was too, but I didn't go to his panels), and all were wonderful people to meet!

First off, I'm reposting my photos with the boys and Sam that are now scanned in, my autographs, and how I spent tonight redecorating my walls and moving things around!

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Continued in Saturday Part 2...
and Me, Nathan, Alan

Saturday, the short story

I will do a proper write up once I get home and have my high-speed internet, but here's few quick things about today! We're getting ready to head down for autographs, but I wanted to let everyone know that Samantha Ferris and Fredric Lehne are THE COOLEST PEOPLE EVER!

Sam is just so funny and will say whatever she wants to. And she was great in the photo ops - she wanted to know your name, where you are from, and then chit chat some after the photo even though the photographer and help was trying to rush her along.

Fred! OMG! He's HILARIOUS! I had no idea that he was so great in person! He came out with a guitar and sang a song for us! And he was just incredibly funny the entire time.

And Nick was our final panelist of the day. He was great...I actually enjoyed his panel here more than DragonCon's. He did the snoopy dance!

Oh! And apparently both boys are here with their girlfriends (AWWWW, I don't care what anyone else says, I think it is the most adorable thing ever that they go to cons and bring them) and are going to show up to Steve's concert tonight (news via Sam who let that slip!)