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Well, DailyMotion just deleted my Jason and Jensen "Crazy" vid from Asylum this morning.


Anyway, I'd recommend that if you haven't already, and you do want to do so, that you go save whatever SPN con vids I have at my account, http://www.dailymotion.com/_sin_attract. Asylum, Ft. Worth, and Chicago are all there.

You can save videos by using this process: go to http://www.keepvid.com, and then copy the permanent URL (which is to the bottom and/or right of the dailymotion video), and then copy that in. The download link will come up, you right click -> save as, and save to your hard drive. You will need to rename the file to filenamehere.flv and download the free flv player at the keepvid.com site. Then the vidoes should play!