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Wow Creation, way to fuck that up!

Just read this over on Whedonesque:

"During the concert on Saturday night Nick showed up toward the end. The back of the room was already setup for the dessert party. Fans weren't aware of it, but Jensen and Jared from Supernatural were sitting back there watching the concert. There were about five security guards wearing "Event Staff" jackets standing near them. I don't know for sure but I believe they were off-duty cops.

Nick and his assistant were let into the auditorium by Creation staff and then they headed to the back. Before they got close to Jensen and Jared they were stopped by security. Nick spoke to one of the guards and told him who he was and tried to keep going. He was quickly surrounded by all of the guards and things started to get a little heated. The Creation staff at the door did not come over to assist. Finally Nick turned and left, taking of his coat and tie very pissed off.

Adam, the head of Creation, was up near the stage with one female security person that I see at all of the cons. I told him "Um I'm not sure if you're aware but your security people just kicked out Nick Brendon...". He looked at me and then turned back to the concert. The female staffer turned to me and said "Yeah". A bit confused I went back to my seat.

About five minutes later Nicks' assistant came back to talk to the security guards and the female staffer also came over. She then proceeded to tell him that she was unaware of the situation (that I had just told her about) and tried to smooth things over.

I was extremely embarrassed for Nick and really upset with the way Creation dismissed him. It was ridiculous."

So...THAT'S why Nick wasn't at the desert party. WOW.