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So, I get the general happenings about what's going on with LJ and while it's upsetting, they own this site, right? They can kinda do whatever they want, I'm assuming...and have already anyway, from what I have read. But it still annoys me. I've been active at LJ for 4 years and this is the first time I've seen action being taken like this and there have ALWAYS been fandom taboos like this going on.

Is it best to remove anything that says "slash" from your interests? Like..."sam/dean" - does that need to go?

Whoa, whoa, are we all moving to greatestjournal now?

But if you haven't already go join fandom_counts...it's already over 8000 people!

And if an author needs a place to temprorarily house their stories away from LJ or just to upload as a backup elsewhere, I have over 45 GB of space on my server that I'm not using, and Sinful Desire to archive your stories at. For the readers - there are a lot of great authors already archived there, so if anything TOTALLY INSANE happens (like I wake up tomorrow and 99.9% of SPN fandom is gone), their stories might be there for reading.

So, The Bones Official S1 and S2 Companion makes me happy. Hooray for Titan jumping on board and making companions for shows I like!

And that's it from me for tonight! I'm going to plaster my wall with posters of pretty boys and then climb in bed and read "Catch a Mate" by Gena Showalter.